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What is a Superman Punch (And How to Throw One)

Superman punch sounds cool and looks cool, but what is it, and how to throw a superman punch?

Superman punch is a punch, where one jumps and uses the momentum of their jump to increase the strength of their punch. It’s also typical to kick backward in the air while punching, to add extra force.

Superman punch might seem really simple at first glance, but to time everything perfectly, it takes practice.

In this post we go through the basics of a superman punch, and whether it’s realistic to use it in MMA or Boxing.

Let’s get started!

What is a superman punch?

The superman punch is a flying punch, and it can leave you vulnerable to a counterpunch since you will jump to perform it.

That can make your punch more predictable and easier to counter, but if you land it correctly, it might as well finish the fight.

With superman punch, you want to kick back as you jump and punch forward.

There are two reasons why you want to kick back as you throw the punch:

  1. You will stay better balanced, when you punch forward and kick backward, you won’t fall onto your face.
  2. The power from kicking back will transfer into the punch, making it more powerful.

It is also important not to jump too high and not too fast forward. Just a small jump will do the trick, and reduce the time your opponent will have to react.

If you try to jump too high from too far while doing the superman punch, your opponent will have plenty of time to dodge or counter the punch.

Here is a demonstration video with some tips on how to throw a superman punch. (I am not the creator of this video)

What is the point of a superman punch?

The point of a superman punch is to transfer the force coming from the jump and kicking back into a punch, making it more powerful than a regular punch.

It is not all about looking cool, even though it does. Especially when done correctly and landed, it can be the last punch of a boxing or MMA fight.

Why is it called a superman punch?

Superman punch is called “Superman punch” because you momentarily leave the ground, and fly like a superman. The punch will also have more force to it, making it as powerful as if superman were to throw it.

When you actually throw one while in a match or just practicing, it really feels like you are flying and you can feel the power that comes into the punch if done correctly.

Is superman punch legal in boxing?

Superman punch is legal and allowed to do in boxing since you are just throwing a punch with a tiny jump. However, it is not that common in boxing, because it becomes harder to fake a kick before the punch, like in MMA.

Also, it is more common in lighter-weight divisions. Heavyweight boxers are typically larger and slower, making it more difficult to throw a superman punch successfully.

So yes, you can throw a superman punch in boxing but it does not work as well, as it might in kickboxing or MMA.

Is superman punch legal in MMA and UFC?

Superman punch is legal and allowed move in MMA and UFC, and there have been a lot of really well-performed superman punches in the past.

Here are some of the best superman punches in MMA and UFC. (I am not the creator of this video)

Superman punches work better in MMA than boxing, because you can actually fake the kick before performing the superman punch.

In boxing, it is a lot more predictable.

What martial arts is superman punch?

Superman punch is not done in just a single martial art. It can be performed at least in MMA, kickboxing, and boxing. Most commonly it is seen in MMA fights.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, a superman punch is a punch where you momentarily leave the ground to jump and kick back as you throw the punch.

The jump and kick backward are supposed to transfer more strength into the punch.

The downside of a superman punch is that it can leave you vulnerable to a counter, and you might lose your balance due to the jump.

You can do superman punch in boxing, MMA and kickboxing, even though it is a rare sight in boxing matched. It is most commonly seen in UFC and MMA.

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I hope this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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