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Can You Learn MMA Online? (Explained)

Can you learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) online?

You can get to know the basics of MMA online. However, MMA is a full-contact martial art, meaning it can be really difficult to learn it without a training partner.

In this post, we will dive deeper into what aspects of MMA you could learn online, and what is better to learn in a proper MMA gym with a good instructor.

Let’s get started!

Can you learn MMA online?

MMA is a full-contact sport, making it really difficult to learn without a partner. Therefore, trying to learn everything by yourself just with materials found online can be tricky.


You can learn some important aspects of MMA by just going through materials and tutorial videos online. Such as the rules of MMA, or some basic training tips.

You can even familiarize yourself with some of the techniques, but when it comes to the actual learning and applying what you have seen, that can be really difficult without a training partner.

And even if you had a training partner, without a good instructor you might be making mistakes you can not see yourselves.

Can you learn MMA by watching YouTube videos?

Can you learn MMA just by watching YouTube videos and tutorials?

Well, let’s say that you probably won’t become a master of MMA with just YouTube videos.

MMA is a full-contact martial art, and nothing beats going to the gym multiple times a week and training with a good coach with people that are better than you.

However, watching additional tutorials online, from YouTube for example can supplement your training and help you to improve faster.

Keep in mind that even if you discover a new technique from a YouTube video, you still have to apply it to your training to actually learn and become better with it.

When it comes to martial arts, they are usually a lot harder to do in reality, than they seem in YouTube videos, where people who have been training for years and years show their skills.

Can you learn MMA by yourself?

You can learn some aspects of MMA by yourself.

For example, learning the rules of MMA can be done with just a smartphone and internet access.

You can also practice your strikes and kicks with a heavy bag, or with just shadowboxing with an imaginary opponent.

However, those won’t make you a world-class fighter. They are better than not training at all, but training in a proper gym with other people makes you learn a lot faster.

So yes, you can learn some MMA just by yourself, but you will miss out on some important aspects, such as dodging punches and kicks as well as takedowns without a training partner.

One thing you can do is to take a video of yourself training, so you can see whether you are making some mistakes and you can that way improve your techniques.

Where to start learning MMA online?

There are tons of resources to learn MMA online.

If I were you, I would head to YouTube right at the beginning. There you can find some essential basic information and techniques about MMA.

See out a couple of channels and stick to the one you like the best.

There are also a lot of paid online MMA courses, but you can get started with just free YouTube videos.

The courses can speed up your pace of learning if you also have access to a proper MMA gym with a good instructor and other people you can spar with.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you can learn some aspects of MMA by yourself online, but that will not be as efficient as signing up on a good MMA gym.

On the other hand, if you are a bit shy, you could try to learn the basics by yourself before joining a gym.

On top of that, once you join a gym, you can supplement your training with online tutorials and apply the new techniques at the gym the next training day.

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I hope this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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