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How to Create a Home MMA Gym for Your Needs

How to create a home MMA gym?

Creating a home MMA gym for your needs can be a fun thing to do and it can be very helpful to your MMA training. There are really no necessary things that you should have. It all depends on your personal needs and wants.

In this post, I will go through different things you could get to your own home MMA gym to fit all your needs as well as why having a home gym could be a good idea.

Why create a home gym?

During the past few years, with the pandemic and all, some of the gyms have been shut down for quite some time.

A home gym, even a simple one, is a great way to keep your training and condition up while the gyms are closed.

Driving to an MMA gym can also take a lot of time, especially if it is not in your town. By creating a home gym, you can do some of the exercises at home, instead of driving all the way to third party gyms.


The most basic thing about MMA gyms is the floor. Usually, it is a soft mat made for martial art purposes.

This prevents you from hurting yourself if you roll with someone or do solo drills. It makes the whole training much more pleasant compared to doing it on a hard floor.

There are a lot of options for flooring. If MMA mats are too expensive for you, you can look for cheaper alternatives that will do the job.

Also, if your newly designed MMA room has some sharp corners near the rolling mat, you might want to cover those up as well. You don’t want yourself or your training partners to get hurt. This can simply be done with some foam and duct tape.

Punching bag

Depending on your needs, you might need a punching bag for your purposes. I would highly suggest getting a hanging bag. It is just overall much better in my opinion.

Hanging bags are not always an option due to different room and ceiling conditions, so if you need a punching bag, if you can not hang it, standing bag is still better than no bag at all.

You can also get a speedbag if that is what you like, or another smaller or different shape punching bag for variance.


Beating a punching bag can be a lot more pleasant if you have some kind of gloves on. Depending on your needs, choose the ones that fit you. You can also go without, if that is what you like, personal preference.

Pull up bar

This is optional as well. When training for MMA, you want to stay in shape. The power to your punches comes from your back, and pull-ups are a really easy and simple way to train and keep your back strong and in shape.

Weights and benches

Again, optional depending on your goals. You can get really far without any weights, but they are a good add-on. They can get a bit expensive, but if you have the budget for it, no problem.

Think about your goals and your training program. What kinds of weights and benches do you need?

Air conditioning/fan

Depending on the building and the room you are building your home gym at, air conditioning is another aspect to think about.

Training and working out make you warm. If the place you work out at doesn’t have air conditioning, it can get very unpleasant. You can help it a little by getting some basic room fans.

Lights and wall paint

Lighting makes a big deal of the mood you get from your gym. So do the paint choices you have. Just with simple changes to lighting or paint on the walls, you can make a big difference in how you feel about your gym.

Have a dedicated room for your home gym

Another tip I would say is that have a dedicated space or room for your home gym. This also comes down to the feeling you get when you train.

If the room is filled with other stuff and used as storage as well, it might affect the mood negatively.

I know it is not always an option to have dedicated space for a home MMA gym. If that is the case, you will have to compromise on this or think about alternative solutions. A dedicated room is not necessary; it’s just something I would recommend.

You can learn MMA by yourself up to a point. Here is a post about learning MMA by yourself.

Final thoughts

I hope this gets you started when building your home MMA gym. I am sure I missed some of the things you might need for your gym, depending on your needs. You might need more equipment that I didn’t mention; these are just some basic things that are in my opinion the most common.

You can get your own home gym started with very little money and equipment. There is no need to finish it right away. You can upgrade it every now and then based on your needs.

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Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that combines all the aspects of fighting, such as striking, grappling and ground fighting. The MMA fighters usually have a background in several different martial arts.

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