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Can You Train MMA With Long Hair? (Solved)

Can you train MMA with long hair? The answer is yes, long hair should not prevent you from training MMA, or any other martial art, so to speak. Having a mid-length or long hair can make training a bit more difficult, but it’s manageable.

It is understandable that you would not want to cut your hair short, just to make a few hours a week easier. The time you actually spend training MMA is just a tiny part of your week, so cutting it short just to make that part easier is not an option for everyone.

It’s true that training MMA with shorter hair is easier and less work, but in this post, we will go through different ways to manage long hair while training MMA. Let’s begin!

How to train MMA with long hair?

Training MMA and fighting with long hair can be tricky. No matter how you put it, there is always the possibility for it to get loose in the middle of training.

The best ways to style your hair if you have long hair are ponytails, french braids, or buns. There are benefits to each of those, let me walk you through to choose which one to go by:

Best hairstyles for training MMA with long hair

French braids are probably the most durable option to go with when training MMA. However, they can be a lot of work to do every time you go to train.

Even if you go with french braids, there is no guarantee that they will not fall off during the training session. Depending on the training you will have each day, french braids could be your go-to hairstyle for MMA.

Buns are another option to go with. They are fairly easy to re-do, even in the middle of training. However, while grappling and fighting on the ground, buns can easily get loose.

The good thing about buns is that you can re-do them really fast. When switching partners when rolling, you can quickly do it again, if it gets loose.

Ponytail is the third possible option for training MMA with longer hair. Ponytails are probably the fastest ways to put your hair on if you have long hair.

Therefore, you can even re-do them in the middle of sparring, if that’s what it takes to get your vision back. The downside of ponytails is that they also can get loose very easily. Also while grappling, they can get stuck under you or your opponent.

What hairstyle to choose for MMA?

The best hairstyles for MMA are the shorter ones. With shorter hair, you don’t have the possibility for it to block your vision or get stuck under you or your opponent.

The hairstyle to go by depends on how fast you can re-do a certain type of hairstyle in the middle of a training session.

The fastest ones to do are buns and ponytails, so they could be your go-to.

On the other hand, french braids are the most durable, so if you know that your hair won’t be pulled and stretched against the floor in the session. French braids can be the option that will last for the whole training session.

MMA with mid-length hair

There is some good and some bad news for you if you have mid-length hair.

The mid-length I’m talking about is about as long, as it can reach your shoulders. You can not make a ponytail or a bun out of your hair, but it’s long enough to block your vision.

The good news is that it won’t get stuck under you or your opponent during training as easily as long hair would.

The bad news is that you can not make a ponytail or bun out of it. Therefore, can block your vision easier than having long hair.

Other things to keep in mind when training MMA with long hair

Training MMA with longer hair, there are a few things to consider.

First of all, it can damage your hair to be pulled and stretched in different directions during training. It can get stuck under you or under your opponent.

Second, the mats you roll and train on might not be really clean. Even though the gyms try to keep up very high standards of hygiene, it’s still the same mat people walk on.

Therefore, it comes without saying that it’s highly recommended to wash your hair after every training session.

It’s also recommended to go to your training session with clean hair. It can be very unpleasant for your training partners if your hair is not as clean as it could be. Take care of your hygiene for your own good as well as others.

Final thoughts

Training MMA with long hair is possible. It is not as simple as training with shorter hair, but it’s still possible. Having long hair brings in another thing to consider when training.

Hopefully this post helped you to think about how you can train with longer hair and maybe decide what hairstyle to go with.

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That’s about it, have a nice day.

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that combines all the aspects of fighting, such as striking, grappling and ground fighting. The MMA fighters usually have a background in several different martial arts.

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