MMA with bad eyesight

Training MMA With Bad Eyesight (Things to Know)

Can you train MMA if you have a bad vision? You can. Bad eyesight should not keep you from training MMA. It might be a little bit more work, compared to having good eyesight. It still can be done, and you will eventually get used to the tricks.

You can either train with contact lenses, or keep your glasses on during instructions, and leave them off when it’s go time.

Having laser surgery is one option. However, I have heard there might be some issues with eye surgery and martial arts. More about that below.

Can you train MMA if you have glasses?

If you normally wear glasses, there are three main ways to go about MMA training.

The first option is to just leave your glasses off and be partially blind. If your eyesight is not terrible, this is one option to go by.

It’s really up to personal preference whether you can see enough or not to go completely without any visual aid. If you are not completely blind, this is an option to go by.

The second option is to keep your glasses on when you can not get hit or crushed. Whenever you go to spar or roll, take the glasses off for that.

If you keep your glasses on during some parts of the training session, look for a place to place them when you have to take them off. Don’t make your partner frustrated, by always taking a minute to take your glasses to the locker room or so. Make it fast.

Look for a place to keep them beforehand, so you don’t become a lost puppy trying to hide their glasses somewhere.

Having your glasses on during the instruction phase can help you learn more and not miss any details.

The third option is contact lenses, which we will talk more about in the next chapter.

Can you train MMA with contact lenses?

Contact lenses are another option if you want to train MMA and have bad vision. There should not be any major issues when training with contact lenses. The biggest problem that might occur is probably the lenses falling off.

The lenses can fall off. Because of that, use lenses that are not super expensive, but you can still see with them. Also, if you happen to lose a lens, you could have an extra pair in with you.

Whether your lenses will fall off or not, depends on how roughly you train, and how well you can dodge punches.

Training with contact lenses can be much more pleasant, compared to not seeing barely anything.

If you don’t yet have contact lenses but plan on getting a pair for MMA, talk to your eye doctor about it. They can help you to find the best solution for your problem. After all, they are educated to do so.

Issues that come with bad eyesight when training MMA

On top of not seeing clearly and having to wear glasses or contact lenses, there could be some additional problems that come with bad vision.

Having a bad vision and not doing anything with it, you could not see your opponent’s movements as well as you should. Having a clear vision is one aspect of being able to dodge and block punches coming your way.

Another downside of bad vision when training MMA is that you might not see the instructions correctly. This is where keeping your glasses on at some parts of the sessions comes in handy. Or just getting contacts, really up to you.

If you feel like you are not that blind, so you can manage without any visual aid, so be it. Nobody can tell whether you can see well enough or not, but you.

Eye protection for MMA training

The best protection for your eyes during MMA training is probably to avoid getting punched in the face. On top of that, wearing a boxing helmet can further increase the safety of your eyes.

Wearing some sort of goggles can do more harm than good for your vision, of course, depending on your goggles.

Problem with eye surgery and MMA

Before I start to talk about the problems that eye surgery might bring for MMA or any other martial arts trainers, it’s important to note that I am not a doctor or medical professional. I also have not had eye surgery myself.

Apparently, based on the video I will link to below, there might come some problems with eye surgery and punches to the head.

Your eyes could, according to the video, get permanently damaged, if you get punched after having eye surgery. I won’t get more into the medical aspect of it, but if you want to learn more, I suggest you watch the video below.

I can not tell if the information is correct or not, since I am not a medical professional.

Final thoughts

So, can you train MMA with bad eyesight? You can and bad vision should not keep you from training. I hope this information helps you to decide whether to wear glasses or contacts or nothing at all.

It is all up to you, whether you feel like you can see enough or not.

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