UFC heavyweight Weight Limit

What is the Weight Limit for UFC Heavyweight?

How much can a UFC heavyweight fighter weight?

The weight limit for UFC heavyweight is 266 pounds (120,65kg) for non-tiltle fights, and for title fights the limit is 265 pounds (120,2kg).

There have been cases where fighters weight even 20 pounds less than what they could.

In this post, we will dig a bit deeper into the UFC weight classes and particulary the heavyweight division and it’s limits.

How much can a UFC heavyweight athlete weigh?

UFC heavyweight ahtletes should weight between 205 lb (93 kg) and 265 lb (120,2 kg) for title fights, and for non-title matches the maximum weight is 266lb (120,65kg).

Here is a full post about how UFC weight classes work.

Fighters who weight more than 266lbs can still fight in a MMA superheavyweight matches. More about that below.

Why is there a weight limit for UFC heavyweight?

The weight limit is necessary even for the UFC heavyweight. It makes the fights to be more even, when the opponents are around the same size.

Also, if there is a large weight difference between the two fighters, it could get too dangerous due to size differences.

Why doesn’t the UFC have superheavyweight?

There can be many reasons why there if no super heavyweight division in the UFC.

One of the biggest reasons is probably the fact that there are not that many fighters that exceed the heavyweight limits.

Therefore, the fighter pool might be just too small to start another weight division above the heavyweight.

MMA heavyweight limit

MMA heavyweight limits differ a little bit when compared to UFC ones.

On top of that, MMA has a superheavyweight division, which has no limits at all. UFC does not have this option.

MMA heavyweight weight limits: 225 lb (102,1 kg) – 265 lb (120,2 kg)

UFC heavyweight weight limits: 205 lb (93 kg) – 265 lb (120,2 kg)*

MMA super heavyweight weight limits: No minimum – No maximum

*For non-titled fights the maximum is 266lbs, as mentioned earlier in this post.

Here is a full post about the weight divisions in MMA. They are not the same as the UFC weight divisions.

Final thoughts

One of the major misconseptions about weight classes in the UFC and MMA, is that they are the same.

UFC weight classes are a trimmed version of MMA ones. There are a lot more weight divisions in the MMA than in the UFC. Keep that in mind.

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