Why are Martial Arts so Popular?

Why are Martial Arts so Popular? (5 Reasons)

Martial arts are everywhere nowadays. It is really difficult to find an action movie without some martial arts performance in it. But is that the only reason why martial arts are so popular?

Martial arts are popular for several different reasons. The most common reasons people train martial arts are self-defense, exercise, and the need to relieve stress. For all of those reasons, martial arts are a great option.

Let’s look deeper into the different reasons why martial arts are so popular nowadays.

1. Martial arts are good for self-defense

The first reason why martial arts are so popular is the self-defense aspect.

There are not many things that are better for self-defense than martial arts. Of course, there are different equipment such as pepper spray, but knowing how to defend yourself without any equipment is definitely a good skill to have.

You don’t have to be a master in martial art in order to be able to defend yourself. Most learning happens in the first six months to a year.

After handling the basics of some martial art, you should be able to defend yourself much better compared to those with no martial arts experience at all.

Having some martial arts background will also help you understand, what the human body is capable of. This can make it easier for you to read other people and know how to use additional equipment against them as well.

Even if this was not your main purpose to start martial arts, it is definitely a good add-on. I have listed the 5 best martial arts for self-defense, you can find them here.

2. Martial arts are a good way to workout and lose weight

The next reason why martial arts are so popular is the weight loss aspect of it. More and more jobs are office jobs where you will sit the whole day along with very little physical activity.

Martial arts offer a great way to get moving in order to balance the office job or school you might go to.

Even though weight loss comes down to spending more calories than consuming, martial arts are a great way to increase your energy spending throughout the week.

So if it won’t make you lose weight, it might reduce the speed you gain it at least.

Weight loss and exercise might not be the main reason either, why you would practice martial arts. But that as well is a good addition to other benefits of martial arts.

3. You can compete in martial arts tournaments

If you are a really competitive person, in addition to your professional life martial arts are a good way to let your competitive spirit run freely.

Most martial arts have at least some kind of competition and they are a great way to benchmark your progress as well as stay motivated when training.

Knowing there is a big competition coming in six months or so can give a huge motivation boost to help you stay consistent with your training.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be a blackbelt and a master of martial art in order to compete. In most martial arts, you can start competing right after handling the basics of martial art.

That might mean after starting, you could be competing within months if you learn the basics quickly and are a competitive person.

By no means is competing necessary if you wish to practice martial arts.

4. Martial arts are social hobbies

Even if that was not your main intent, you can really make good friends by practicing martial arts. You will all have at least one thing in common: an interest in martial arts.

That is a good starting point to do some small talk and better get to know your fellow practitioners.

Even if you were not a really outgoing person, martial arts can make it easier for you to talk to new people. Not instantly, but as you get to know the people in your gym, it makes talking to them a lot easier.

That could be good practice for the outside world and make it easier to talk to people outside the gym as well. Since martial arts typically increase your confidence, practicing martial arts can make you a more social person overall.

5. Martial arts are cool

There are not many hobbies that are cooler than martial arts. Well, this might be a biased opinion but anyway, martial arts are super cool.

If someone who I have not met before tells me they practice martial arts, that instantly makes them appeal more interesting in my eyes. Not sure this is because of my martial arts background, but that’s my observation.

Think about those people in the movies who win fights against multiple opponents, even though that is not very realistic, that makes them cool.

You don’t in reality have to beat multiple opponents. Just practicing can make you cooler in several ways, such as increased confidence.

All these things make martial arts really popular.

Should you start martial arts?

If you are thinking about starting martial arts, then you probably should.

Practicing martial arts has a lot of benefits, such as being a great exercise, self-defense aspect as well as increased confidence.

I have a step-by-step guide on how to start training martial arts. You can find the guide here.

What is so special about martial arts?

Martial arts have been around for ages, and they have numerous different benefits. Even though martial arts are kind of just another hobby, they have a certain attraction that makes them seem more special.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, martial arts have so many different benefits that provide tons of reasons for people to practice them.

Martial arts becoming more popular makes them more popular. You will see them more on the internet and when more people hear about martial arts, they might want to give them a shot as well.

Are martial arts overrated? I don’t think so. The attention and popularity of martial arts are definitely justified.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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