When Should You Skip BJJ Lesson?

When Should You Skip BJJ Lesson? (5 Situations)

Skipping a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class is not the end of the world. But when is it justified to skip a BJJ lesson?

You could skip a Brazilian jiu-jitsu lesson for several different reasons. That might be a family emergency or a health problem that keeps you from attending the class. Whatever the reason is, you should not feel as bad as you probably do.

Let’s look deeper into the different situations when you probably should not attend to a BJJ lesson.

1. Health issues

Health issues are probably the most common reason for people to skip a BJJ class. That might be something like a broken arm, finger, or joint.

If this is the case, it is most likely better to keep a few extra classes off just in case you won’t further injure yourself and slow down the healing process.

The health issue at hand could be something contagious disease like the flu. If this is the case, you definitely don’t want to attend the class and make everybody else sick as well.

Make sure you are always healthy and free of contagious diseases to make sure everybody else is safe and can continue practicing as well.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a physically very challenging sport. Therefore it is important to only practice when you are healthy and well, to avoid any unnecessary add-ons to your health problems.

2. Family event

Even though it is true that for some people, Brazilian jiu-jitsu feels more important than their personal lives, family is and should be an important aspect of life as well.

That might be a family meeting, that overlaps your BJJ class. Or it might just be a regular dinner with your family. Those events can be irreplaceable. BJJ classes happen many times a week, it’s not the end of the world to skip one.

It might be your friend’s birthday dinner. Those only occur once a year or once a decade. BJJ classes will be there the next week, and those birthday dinners won’t.

On the other hand, BJJ class can be also used as an excuse not to attend your wife’s cousin’s fifty-ninth birthday which occurs on the other side of the country.

Try to find a healthy balance between family, work, and BJJ.

3. Burnout

Burnouts are a real thing. That could come from working too much, or from practicing too much Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It could also be the combination of those in addition to stressful family life.

Whatever the case is, burnouts are not a playful matter. They are to be taken seriously, and during the recovery phase, it’s important not to beat yourself up too much if you decide to skip a few BJJ classes.

Your health and well-being are much more important than a few BJJ classes you will skip to get better.

If you went to practice without being in your best health, you probably would not get that much out of the training, and it could harm your recovery process.

Waiting until you are healthy and well will not only speed up your recovery process but also will help you to get the most out of your training.

4. Important work or school-related matters

Sometimes you might have important work or school-related things the next day, and you should be preparing.

Some will say it’s just an excuse to miss out on BJJ class, but let’s be real here; those events might be once-a-lifetime things, that will determine where you will end up in your professional career.

At the end of the day, the BJJ class will be there the next week. That big presentation or job interview might not happen ever again in your life.

If you have to prepare for something big that can have a huge impact on your life, focus on it. If you feel like skipping a BJJ lesson will increase your chances of succeeding, don’t feel bad about it.

It’s your life and it can make the rest of your life easier, allowing you to practice more in the future due to better life situations. Think about skipping the class as an investment in future training sessions.

5. BJJ classes make you uncomfortable

Let’s be real here. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not for everybody. Even though you started training BJJ and it made your world a whole lot different, you might after realize it is not for you.

Or even worse, you keep attending classes, because you don’t want to be a “quitter“.

It might be the gym atmosphere that makes you uncomfortable and gives you anxiety about attending the BJJ class. Sometimes it only takes one unpleasant person to pollute the atmosphere of the whole gym. If this is the case, maybe look for another BJJ gym if you wish to continue training.

Keep this in mind: if you feel like BJJ makes your life more stressful than it relieves stress, maybe it’s time to look for other hobbies. That might be a completely different martial art or just a whole different hobby.

Not everybody likes the same stuff. Some people enjoy BJJ and good for them. Some people like doing other stuff more, or with different people.

We only have limited time on this planet, so think long and hard about how you want to spend it. Even though Brazilian jiu-jitsu has a lot of benefits, it still is not made for everybody.

Why do you feel bad when you skip a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class?

When you have set strict goals for yourself about training BJJ a certain amount of times a week, it might make you feel guilty for skipping a class.

It is like being on a strict diet and eating fast food. Sometimes cheat meals are allowed, just like in BJJ, you don’t have to attend to every class.

Even if you were very strict about your training, sometimes life events happen that will prevent you from attending.

It might be something mentioned in the list above, or something completely different. Keep in mind that it is not the end of the world to skip a lesson.

Final thoughts

People are different, they have their own lives, their own problems, and their own goals. So is it okay to skip a BJJ lesson every now and then? It is really up to you and your goals.

For someone, it might feel like the end of the world to skip a BJJ lesson. Some people take it more casually as a hobby.

It is not the end of the world to skip a BJJ class, and sometimes it can be for the better. BJJ is just one aspect of life and it should not determine how you live your life unless you want it to.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day.

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