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What Martial Arts Does the US Army Use?

What type of martial arts do US military use in their training?

US Army uses Modern Army Combatitives (MAC) which has techniques from different martial arts, such as wrestling, Krav Maga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo, Muay Thai, boxing, and eskrima.

Let’s take a closer look into the MAC system and why the US army teaches it.

Modern Army Comabitives training in the army

The purpose of Modern Army Combatitives and martial arts training for soldiers is to prepare them for every possible situation and arm them with techniques they can use in real battlefield situations.

The main idea of martial arts training is that it the real ability is developed when the training becomes a routine, not when the techniques are first taught. Soldiers make the training a routine that will make the techniques in different situations become more natural.

New soldiers begin the training on their third day of Initial Military Training, and at the same time, they are given their rifles.

The martial arts training has four different courses. In the first course, new soldiers are not expected to have any knowledge about the techniques as they arrive.

The first course is heavily focused on grappling, without losing sight of the purpose of the training, which is to prepare the soldiers for combat.

This information is mostly from Wikipedia, where you can find a more comprehensive description of the MAC system. I tried to compress it into a more understandable form by picking the key points.

Why are soldiers taught martial arts?

There are several reasons why soldiers are required to learn martial arts, in this case, Modern Army Combatitives.

The first reason is to teach the soldiers, how to protect themselves even without firearms. There might come a combat situation, where you don’t have access to your firearm and you don’t want to be completely helpless.

The second reason is to provide a way to use force in a non-lethal way. In some situations, if you want to capture a subject or do not want to use lethal force, martial arts can come on handy.

The third reason is to prepare the soldier for combat situations. Martial arts training can shape the mindset of soldiers and help them encounter enemies without hesitation.

In the end, martial arts are taught to save soldiers’ lives and make them more effective.

Are US soldiers taught martial arts?

US soldiers are taught martial arts. Depending on the branch they are practicing at, the system might vary. The US army has its own Modern Army Comabtitives martial arts system. The system is a combination of a few different martial arts, including:

  • wrestling
  • Krav Maga
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • sambo
  • Muay Thai
  • boxing
  • eskrima

Final thoughts

In short, US Army uses its own combat system called Modern Army Combatitives. The system has been influenced by several different martial arts.

Martial arts are an essential part of the modern military training program. The purpose of martial arts is to prepare soldiers for situations that might occur on the battlefield.

Keep in mind that things might vary in different branches of the military. I can not guarantee the correctness of this information, since it was mostly compressed from the Wikipedia page telling about US army martial arts training.

I think military movies are one reason, why martial arts are so popular.

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Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day.

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