How to Practice Martial Arts By yourself

How to Train Martial Arts at Home by Yourself (Full Guide)

Training martial arts alone at home is completely possible. What are the different ways you can train martial arts at home?

To train martial arts at home by yourself depends on a martial art whether you need equipment or not. You can get started with no equipment at all, by shadowboxing or just rolling on the floor. However, having some basic equipment can make training at home more effective and pleasant.

Let’s dive deeper into different ways you can practice martial arts at home by yourself or with a partner.

Can you learn martial arts by yourself?

When it comes to training martial arts at home by yourself, there are a few different things you can do.

You can learn the basics of martial art and fight by yourself. However, the training is not as efficient as instructed lessons in a formal martial arts gym. Learning martial arts at home at first can create a good foundation for when you decide to enter a martial arts gym.

On top of training martial arts alone, before you enter a gym, you can fulfill your training at the gym, by doing some additional training at home as well.

By doing some training on your own and implementing the techniques as you go to your next class, you can maximize your progress. As long as you are doing the techniques correctly at home, that should not hurt your progress.

The training you do by yourself in addition to regular gym training doesn’t have to be anything special. We will go through different ways you can train by yourself, with or without equipment, and with or without a partner. Let’s continue.

Different ways to train martial arts at home alone

In this section, we will go through different ways you can train martial arts if you have or are willing to get some basic equipment to help out with your training. I have a guide on building your own MMA gym at home to help you out, you can read the guide here.

Grappling martial arts at home alone

Depending on the martial art, having something to soften the floor, such as a gym mat to roll on the ground can help out a lot.

There are a lot of solo drills for Brazilian jiu-jitsu for example, that you can do all by yourself with minimal equipment needed.

Having a gym mat beneath you as you go can make the training more pleasant, but by no means is necessary. You can go outside and roll on the grass for example.

I will link a solo drill video below that you can follow, to improve your grappling skills by yourself. (I am not the creator of this video)

More about training BJJ yourself in this post.

Striking martial arts at home alone

If the martial art you wish to practice has punches and kicks, having a heavy bag and a speed bag can further increase your progress.

There are a lot of martial arts that include punches and sometimes kicks. Doing some basic shadowboxing or speed bag training on top of your regular classes can improve your skills faster.

It’s all about regular training. If you can not train but once a week in a boxing gym, for example, you can top off that training by doing some training by yourself.

I just wrote a post about how to improve your punching power and speed at home. You can read the guide here.

Different ways to practice martial arts with a partner

If you have a training partner, that brings in more ways you can train martial arts at home. Especially grappling arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a lot easier to practice with a partner.

You can start by watching some beginner tutorial videos on YouTube or taking an online course about BJJ. More about how to learn BJJ online in this post.

Then you begin rolling with your partner. Take things slow and easy at first, if you have no prior experience in training martial arts.

You can start your martial arts training like this, but sooner or later to increase your progress, you should join a regular martial arts gym with proper instructors.

Punching and striking can be trained with a partner in a few different ways.

The first way is to do some regular sparring, with low speed and low strength.

Another way to practice martial arts with a partner is that one is holding punching or kicking pads and you take turns practicing. That is probably the easiest way to practice with a partner.

boxing pad

Different ways to practice martial arts with no equipment

There are two main ways you can practice martial arts with no equipment yourself. On top of that, there are some activities that can improve your performance in martial arts without actually practicing martial arts. Let’s go through all of them.

Grappling solo drills

As mentioned above, practicing grappling martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu by yourself is more difficult.

However, you can improve your grappling skills by doing some simple solo drills, like the ones that were in the video I linked above.

Those can directly make your life easier as you enter the martial arts gym, and have already some knowledge of the moves that are required for different techniques. They can be somewhat difficult for new practitioners, so you can get a head start by practicing alone at first.


Shadowboxing is another amazing thing you can do to practice striking by yourself.

You don’t need any equipment to start shadowboxing, and it can really help you with getting the proper technique and increasing muscle memory on the striking movement.

Having a mirror or filming yourself while you shadowbox can help you see your performance even better. Take things slowly at first to get the proper technique. More about shadowboxing in this post.


Being flexible helps almost certainly when you start to train in martial arts.

It is really simple, and even five minutes daily can have a huge impact in the long run. I have a post on why it helps to be flexible when training BJJ, you can read it here.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting and strength training on top of martial arts training is a good combination. As long as you balance weight lifting properly with martial arts training, it can improve your overall performance by a lot.

More about balancing BJJ and weight lifting

More about balancing boxing and weight lifting


Having good endurance when training martial arts can help out a lot.

When you won’t be out of breath after a minute of training, you can go for longer and learn more in a single lesson.

Also when competing, if you can outlast your opponent by simply being in better shape, it will increase your odds of winning.

What are the best martial arts to learn by yourself?

Boxing is probably the best martial art to learn by yourself. You can practice almost every aspect of boxing by yourself, from positioning and footwork, all the way to throwing punches.

That being said, you can not learn all the aspects of boxing alone. It is really hard to practice dodging punches and being in a fighting situation.

On the other hand, combining regular boxing gym training with practicing alone is a good way to go, especially if you live far away from your boxing gym.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you can train martial arts by yourself up to a point. The training won’t get you as far as going to a regular gym, but it’s more cost-efficient.

Also, if you are still unsure about joining a martial arts gym, training by yourself for a while can help you out by giving you the courage to finally join.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day!

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