Can You Train Boxing With Bad Eyesight

Can You Train Boxing With Bad Eyesight? (Tips and Tricks)

Training boxing if you have glasses or contact lenses can be tricky. However, it is still possible.

If you have poor eyesight, and you want to train in boxing, don’t worry. There are ways to train in boxing even with bad eyesight. Obviously, you can’t wear glasses while sparring, but for some training activities, you can wear glasses or contact lenses.

In this post, we will dive deeper into how to train boxing with bad eyesight, whether you have glasses, contact lenses, or are just worried about your eyesight. Let’s get started.

How to train boxing with bad eyesight?

There are a few ways you can train in boxing if you have bad eyesight.

First of all, if you have glasses, you can wear them for most of the time when training. Sparring on the other hand is not recommended wearing glasses.

Heavy bag training, speed bag training, jumping ropes, all that is possible while wearing glasses or contact lenses.

When it comes to sparring, you can take your glasses off for that. It can however be more difficult while sparring if your eyesight is really bad.

The easiest way to go is to take your glasses off for the class if your eyesight is not that terrible. For some people, this is not an option, since their eyesight can be pretty bad.

Then there is the option to go with contact lenses. Contact lenses should not be an issue for most parts of boxing training, however, wearing them for sparring comes with issues. More about that is below.

Can you train boxing with glasses?

You can train most of the aspects of boxing while wearing glasses. However, sparring with glasses is not going to happen.

Your glasses will break in no time, or your opponent will have to avoid punching you in the head. Therefore, leave glasses off while sparring, but keeping them on for other training activities should not be an issue unless they keep falling off.

If you have to wear glasses, make sure they don’t fall off. There are strings that can be attached to the back of your glasses, that will help keep them on.

Wearing glasses on for the training, but taking them off for sparring is an option. However, if you take them off, make it fast. Don’t frustrate your partners and instructors by making a 5 minute trip to the locker room every time you have to take glasses off or put them on.

If your eyesight is so bad you can barely see anything without them, you can still train boxing, without the sparring part. Fitness boxing is a great activity and a hobby as well.

Can you train boxing with contact lenses?

Training boxing with contact lenses comes with pros and cons. The good part is, that contact lenses can not be crushed as glasses can.

They also are not as easy to fall off as glasses are when doing heavy bag training for example.

However, they can fall off. In this case, it is more work to put them back on, compared to glasses.

Contact lenses also are not the best option for sparring. They can easily fall off or get stuck behind your eye. That can be really uncomfortable, fortunately, I have not experienced that myself, but I have heard stories from other people.

Eye protection for boxing

The best eye protection for boxing is probably wearing a boxing helmet and protecting your head. Unless there has been a new invention that I am unaware of.

A boxing helmet will protect your eyes up to a point. Wearing “protective goggles” for boxing can cause more harm than good. Imagine wearing some sort of goggles, taking a punch on them, I could imagine that hurting a lot more than just taking a punch to the face.

Therefore, go with the classics. Wear a boxing helmet for sparring and learn to protect your face.


Problems that come with bad eyesight when boxing

Boxing with bad eyesight can be tricky. It can be even more difficult, if you have really bad eyesight, and can barely see anything without any aid.

You can wear glasses and contact lenses for the most part of boxing training. However, sparring and competing with those can be really hard.

Especially if you are almost blind without any visual aid. If this is the case, you can still train boxing as a hobby. You might have to leave the sparring off, but you can still train.

Getting eye surgery is another option, however, based on what I have heard, that is not recommended for someone who is in danger of getting hit to the head. More about that is below.

Problem with boxing and eye surgery

Before we start with problems of eye surgery, it is in place for me to tell that I am not a doctor. Therefore, whether you want to have eye surgery or not, talk to your doctor. Do not take something a random guy on the internet tells you as the truth.

However, I came across a video telling that having eye surgery and getting hit to the head, can cause permanent damage to your vision. (The video is below).

I can not tell whether the information in the video is correct or not, but based on that information, I would think twice before having eye surgery and practicing martial arts.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, training boxing is possible, even if you have poor eyesight. However, if you have really bad eyesight, sparring and especially competing can become more difficult.

You can do most parts of the training wearing glasses or contact lenses, but sparring is not recommended wearing.

You can protect your eyes by wearing a boxing helmet, up to a point. On top of that, learning to protect your head really well can also help out a lot.

Here is a guide for generally training martial arts with glasses or contact lenses.

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Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day!

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