Benefits of training Karate

Top 8 Reasons to Start Training Karate (All The Benefits)

It’s not a secret that martial arts, including Karate, come with a lot of benefits.

Why else would they be as popular as they are?

In this post, we will go through 8 main benefits training Karate can bring to your life. Let’s get started!

1. Karate is a great way to stay or get in shape

Karate lessons are physically very intense. You won’t be sitting in silence for an hour, you will be moving.

There might be times in the class when you just watch when the instructor is showing a new technique, but overall, Karate lessons are all about doing things.

Even though losing weight comes down to consuming fewer calories than you burn, Karate is a great way to increase your energy consumption.

Karate also offers a great way to stay in shape, and eat a little bit more freely without having to worry about gaining tons of weight.

2. You will meet new people practicing Karate

Even if finding new friends was not your main purpose when starting Karate, it is a really nice byproduct of the hobby.

The good thing is that you already have one thing in common: Karate and an interest in martial arts.

No matter what your reasons for training are, Karate can be a good ice breaker for a new conversation before and after classes.

Some gyms have additional parties outside the class, such as Christmas or Spring parties or other activities.

Those are a great way to balance an otherwise stressful life and get to know the people you train with better.

3. You can attend Karate tournaments and competitions

Whether you are a competitive person or not, tournaments and competitions give a little extra spice to the hobby.

Not only can they be used to satisfy your competitiveness, but they are also good for benchmarking your progress and seeing your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing there is a big competition coming six months from now can give you that little extra boost of motivation, that will get you out of the couch and hit the gym.

Obviously, competitions are not mandatory, but for those who like them, they are a good addition.

On top of that, you don’t have to be a black belt in order to compete. There are beginner series in competitions as well.

4. Training pretty much any martial art is cool

Nothing makes me more interested in new people than if they say they train in martial arts.

Even if it was Tai Chi, it is always interesting to hear about those people. Maybe it’s just me, but I think martial arts are a super cool thing to do.

Karate is one of the most commonly known martial arts, so it makes it easy for other people to recognize it as well.

You don’t have to explain the whole martial art since Karate is well-known already.

5. Karate can teach you discipline

Practicing Karate can give you that little bump into getting your whole life in a better direction.

It usually starts with a small thing as hitting the gym or picking up a new hobby, such as Karate.

When you know you have been practicing Karate, and feel good about yourself, the effect compounds and you are more likely to do other healthy and good decisions.

Or that’s how it could be, of course in the end it is up to you, but if you are looking for a way to change the direction of your life for the better, picking up Karate could be a good first step.

6. Training Karate can improve your confidence

Martial arts typically have an impact on people that they become more confident.

This doesn’t mean you instantly become more confident after your first class, but there are several things that can make you more confident.

First of all, knowing you can defend yourself can make your appeal more confident.

Second, Karate can help you to get in shape, which can also help you be more confident.

Third, you will meet new people and learn to “behave” around new people. Introducing yourself could get easier as you practice.

These are not guaranteed things to happen, but depending on your background, these things are possible.

7. Practicing Karate can have mental benefits as well

Practicing any martial art, including Karate, you will have to focus on the moment and what you are doing.

You don’t have time to think about work stress or anything else. Focusing on that moment comes automatically, you don’t have to keep yourself focused.

It is like automated meditation at the same time as exercising and learning new techniques.

After the class, my mind always felt so clear it was unbelievable.

8. Karate can help you to defend yourself

Even though Karate would not be my first pick when it comes to self-defense, it can still help.

Having some background knowledge about Karate, or any other martial art, you will most likely be better off than without any martial arts background at all.

If Karate doesn’t teach you anything else, it should show you how much damage can be done without any weapons, with just strikes and kicks.

You might also be interested in the 5 best martial arts for self-defense.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main benefits that you could see as you start training in Karate.

Your reason might be something completely different, but if you were hesitating about whether to start or not, I hope this can help you decide.

These benefits could be had with other martial arts as well, not just Karate. So if you feel like Karate is not for you, I have a lot more martial arts-related stuff on my site, check them out.

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Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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