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Shadowboxing Every Day – What Are The Benefits?

What are the benefits of shadowboxing and does it help to shadowbox every single day? Those are the questions we will dig deeper into in this post.

First of all, shadowboxing can have a lot of benefits. It can be used as a workout to lose weight, and overall improve your boxing abilities, with no equipment at all.

Shadowboxing being a very light exercise can be done every day. Of course, it depends on how long you do it, but 5 to 15 minutes per day should be possible to perform every day.

I will also include a shadowboxing video tutorial at the bottom of this post if you are not familiar with how to shadowbox.

Benefits of shadowboxing

Shadowboxing has various benefits and depending on your goals, can be used as one additional way to reach them.

Shadowboxing can be a great workout

First of all, shadowboxing can be a great workout to perform with no equipment. You can shadowbox at your own phase.

If you are in better condition, start by perfecting your punches slowly. Don’t go throwing them at full speed right at the beginning. Focus on the right hand and foot movements.

No matter if your goal is just to exercise or train boxing in general, performing the movements correctly is a good thing to handle. That allows you to progress and not “unlearn” some of the wrong techniques if you wish to progress in the future.

Building a foundation for your shadowboxing is a good way to make it a long-term habit to exercise.

Shadowboxing can improve your boxing abilities

Shadowboxing is a great way to improve your boxing skills outside the boxing gym. It’s also a lighter exercise than punching a heavy bag or sparring, so it can easily be done every day.

With shadowboxing in front of the mirror, you can see how your punches look. Take things slowly at the beginning, and focus on the proper techniques, before you go at full speed.

Footwork is another aspect of shadowboxing. You can get used to the footwork easier when you train it outside the gym as well.

Shadowboxing every day, or just a few days per week can improve your punching speed, footwork, and overall boxing performance. It will also get your heartrate up, so when in the ring, you can last longer before being out of breath.

Overall, shadowboxing can make punching and footwork feel more natural to you.

Shadowboxing is a very cost-effective way to train boxing

As you might know, shadowboxing requires no equipment at all. It is probably one of the cheapest ways to train boxing or any martial art so to speak.

You can get started with shadowboxing by just watching some shadowboxing tutorials on YouTube. A mirror is one thing that can improve your shadowboxing. That enables you to see that you are performing each punch with the correct technique.


Shadowboxing can be used as a warmup

Shadowboxing can be a great way to warm up your body and get the blood flowing. Especially if you are going for a boxing session, shadowboxing will “remind” your body of the techniques before you start training.

Even if you were to train for something completely different than boxing, shadowboxing can still be used as a warmup. It will get your heart rate up most certainly.

How many times per week should you shadowbox

Shadowboxing, being a very light exercise, can be done every day. However, for some people, doing it every day might feel like too much.

See how your body reacts to shadowboxing, and keep days off accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shadowboxing even once a week if way better than not shadowboxing at all. Small daily habits, when done for months, or even years, can greatly improve your abilities in certain skills.

How to improve your shadowboxing

There are a few ways you can improve your regular shadowboxing to benefit you even more.

The first tip is to use a mirror. When you see from the mirror how you are punching, your footwork, and combos in general, you might see what you need to improve.

A second tip is to use light weights in your hands while you box. This can make shadowboxing more challenging while strengthening the muscles that are used in boxing.

If you don’t have weights, feel free to improvise. It doesn’t have to be a real gym weight. You can go with a bottle of water or a bag of sand, for example. Use your imagination.

How to shadowbox

Like I said before, I will link a video to a shadowboxing tutorial. In short, shadowboxing is fighting an imaginary opponent. The name comes from boxing with a shadow, or that’s what it feels and looks like. (I am not the creator of this video)

Shadowboxing tutorial

Final thoughts

Are there benefits of shadowboxing? Absolutely! Could you shadowbox every day? Yes! Shadowboxing can be a light exercise and therefore it can be done every day if you want to.

Shadowboxing can help you progress in boxing a lot. However, boxing is sometimes considered an expensive hobby to start. I made a comparison of all the costs of starting boxing.

Hopefully you learned something new and can use the tips I have for shadowboxing.

Have a nice day!

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