Reasons Why Karate is So Popular in the United States

Why is Karate, even today, so popular in the US and around the world?

Karate is one of the most famous martial arts in the world. And the reason it has gained its popularity, are the benefits Karate has to offer. Those include the physical and mental benefits, as well as the fact that Karate can teach you to defend yourself.

On top of that, we will go through some theories on why Karate became so popular in the US.

Let’s get started with why Karate is still one of the most popular martial arts.

Why is Karate so Popular in the US?

There are many reasons why karate is so popular in the US. The main reasons are that Karate is an excellent way to get some exercise.

People who practice Karate are known to have great physical strength and fitness levels. In addition, Karate can also help you to clear your head after stressful work or school week. Karate also teaches self-control and discipline.

On top of physical and mental benefits, Karate can be used for self-defense. That is the main reason for some people start training in Karate.

Even though Karate would not be my first pick for self-defense, it is still much better than having no martial arts experience at all. You can find my top 5 martial art options for self-defense here.

Karate has been seen in some popular movies and TV shows in the past. There are also rumors that during World War 2, American soldiers who were stationed in Japan were taught Karate by the locals, and as they returned to the US, they started to teach it forward.

Benefits of Karate for Adults

There are numerous benefits one could get from practicing Karate. Here we will go over some of them briefly. However, I do also have a more comprehensive post where we go more in-depth on the benefits of Karate.

Karate is a great way to stay or get in shape

Even though losing weight comes down to consuming fewer calories than you burn, Karate is a great way to increase your energy consumption.

Here is a more comprehensive explanation of how Karate can help you lose weight.

You can compete in tournaments and competitions

Not only can they be used to satisfy your competitiveness, but they are also good for benchmarking your progress and seeing your strengths and weaknesses.

Karate can be used for self-defense

Having some background knowledge about Karate, or any other martial art, you will most likely be better off than without any martial arts background at all.

You will meet new people practicing Karate

Even if finding new friends was not your main purpose when starting Karate, it is a really nice byproduct of the hobby.

The good thing is that you already have one thing in common: Karate and an interest in martial arts.

Karate can teach you discipline

Practicing Karate can give you that little bump into getting your whole life in a better direction.

It usually starts with a small thing as hitting the gym or picking up a new hobby, such as Karate.

Training Karate can improve your confidence

Martial arts typically have an impact on people that they become more confident.

This doesn’t mean you instantly become more confident after your first class, but there are several things that can make you more confident.

Downsides of Karate

Even though Karate does have a lot of benefits, it is not all rainbows and sunshine. Here are some of the disadvantages of Karate.

Karate can be expensive. On top of all the gear you have to buy initially, gym membership can be really costly, depending on where you live and at what gym you chose. The price range of Karate gym memberships typically varies between 20 dollars up to 200 dollars a month.

The next downside of Karate is that it takes time and effort to progress. I know this might not be a bad thing, but for someone who wants to see results instantly, Karate might take too long to learn. This is exactly how Karate teaches discipline.

You also have to pay attention in class. Therefore, if you are having a hard time following instructions, your progress might be even slower. Everybody can learn Karate but it takes time and effort.

Lastly, even though Karate can be used as a form of self-defense, it would not be my first pick. There are a lot more effective martial arts that are more suitable for self-defense situations. Even still, Karate is much better than having no martial arts experience at all. You can find the top 5 martial arts for self-defense here.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Karate is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. It has gained a lot of popularity across the globe, including in the United States.

There are many reasons why karate is so popular in the US. It is a great form of self-defense, it is a great form of physical fitness, and it can do wonders for your mind as well.

Karate does have some disadvantages, such as the price tag and it might not be the best option for self-defense. But overall a great hobby!

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