Reasons to Start Training MMA

8 Reasons to Start MMA Today! (All the Benefits)

Training MMA or any other martial art comes with a lot of benefits.

In general, doing any physical activity will not only keep your body in shape but also keep your mind sharp and healthy. MMA is no different. On top of that, MMA comes with other benefits that typical sports are lacking.

Let’s get started with all the benefits of training in MMA!

1. MMA is a great way to stay or get in shape

MMA is a physically really intensive sport. You will most likely be using all the muscles in your body when you train MMA. Therefore, your muscles will not only get the movement they need in order to stay healthier for longer, but training MMA will also burn more calories, compared to watching UFC from your laptop.

No matter what your physical goals are, MMA offers a great combination of technique, cardio, and strength conditioning, all in one package. That alone can be enough reason for someone to start training in MMA.

Even though MMA is mostly technique-focused, cardio and strength are inevitable, when you train for longer periods of time. Your body will start to adapt to the stress MMA training puts on it, and it will over time become easier as you progress.

You can start MMA no matter what your physical condition is, or how old you are. I have a post about whether you are too old to start MMA or not, you can read it here.

2. MMA is great for self-defense

MMA is one of the best martial arts for self-defense purposes. It covers all the aspects of fighting, including ground fighting and standup-fighting, with kicks and punches and everything in between.

Therefore, if your goal is to be able to defend yourself properly, MMA could be the best option for you. I have also listed the 5 best martial arts for self-defense, and MMA is one of them. You can find the rest of the list here.

Not only that usually, but street fights also start from standing positions, they often end up to a ground fight.

Therefore, it would be great if there was a martial art that focused on both of the stages of fighting. Hmm. Oh wait, there is! MMA focuses on both of the aspects mentioned, therefore it is a great choice for self-defense.

3. You will meet new people training MMA

Even though you can train MMA by yourself, up to a point, you usually train with other people, who share a common interest in MMA.

The good thing about meeting people in an MMA gym is that you already have things in common. Therefore, it will be much easier to talk about something and potentially get new long-term friends.

Things to talk about with other people in the MMA gym for example:

  • Their goals with MMA
  • How long have they trained
  • Do they train any other martial arts
  • Do they prefer more stand-up or ground fighting
  • How do they like the gym
  • Have they ever been in an MMA competition

Those should work as an ice breaker. You could also throw a compliment about some of their moves. Whatever works for you, you might be a natural talent when it comes to socializing with new people, but the list above can help those who are not.

4. Training MMA has mental benefits as well

MMA training can have multiple benefits for your mind as well.

A healthy body helps to maintain a healthy mind. MMA being a physically very intensive sport, will over time help to keep your body healthy. That could translate or at least help to keep your mind healthy as well.

In Training MMA or any other martial art, you really have to be present at the moment. That means no work thinking or any of that. You don’t have time to worry about anything, you will focus on the training itself.

The feeling after you have done your one to two-hour-long MMA training is amazing. From my experience, you will feel exhausted, but your mind will feel clean. It’s almost like you have been in another universe for the past two hours.

It could be compared to meditating, but you will also be doing physical activities. On top of that, training in MMA can improve your confidence, but more about that below.

5. You can compete in MMA tournaments

The most popular MMA tournament/competition is probably UFC. You most likely have heard of it, since you are looking for reasons to start MMA.

Even though only a small percentage of MMA fighters get the chance to fight in the UFC, if that is your goal, you have to start somewhere.

There is no reason why you couldn’t get to UFC if you are determined enough.

On top of that, there are a lot more competitions as well. You don’t have to be an MMA master, in order to compete. There are beginner competitions as well, on many different levels.

6. MMA is one of the coolest hobbies

There is not many sports that I find cooler than MMA. If someone tells me they train MMA, or pretty much any other martial art, I instantly find them more interesting as people.

That might be my biased opinion, but I think it’s pretty common to generalize MMA fighters to tough guys.

On top of overall being a cool sport, people will rarely want to fight and challenge you if you are MMA fighter. Unless they are really drunk and have a deathwish.

But with all the seriousness. Can you think of anything cooler to do as a hobby than martial arts? At least I can not.

7. MMA teaches discipline

MMA is a great way to teach yourself some self-discipline. It will not only benefit your MMA training, but it will benefit you on the other fronts as well.

If you learn some discipline through MMA training, that can have a huge impact on your personal life as well. On your daily habits. Maybe it’s waking up earlier or doing some sort of house chores.

8. Training MMA will improve your confidence

Last but not least, MMA will improve your confidence almost certainly. This is one of the key benefits of training in any martial arts.

Being more confident has a lot of benefits in itself, so this is basically just a by-product of training MMA.

Increased confidence will make you not as easy to target, if someone is looking for a fight. Confidence can also help you to be more likely to ask for a pay rise at your job, or to do uncomfortable things in any other fronts.

Final thoughts

Everybody has their own reasons to start training MMA. These are just some of the common key benefits, that people experience when they first start and have trained MMA for some time.

MMA can be much more than just a hobby. You could make a career out of it. It can have a huge impact on your life over all. The reason why you might want to start training, might not be included in the list. But whatever works for you!

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

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