Reasons People Quit Boxing

The 8 Most Common Reasons People Quit Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular martial arts and fighting sports. However, it is not for everybody and it can be physically really tough on you.

In this post, we will go through the 8 most common reasons why people quit boxing. Keep in mind that these reasons are more for a casual boxer, who just boxes as a hobby.

Professional boxers might have different reasons, such as losing a lot of fights in a row or just wanting to retire as a champ.

Let’s get started.

1. Not having enough time for boxing

Having too much to do with limited time is one of the most common reasons people quit boxing.

It might be caused by promotion at work or having more responsibilities with family-related matters, such as having children or having to take care of one’s parents.

Whatever the reason is, sometimes there just is not enough time to continue boxing.

The life situation might change again in the future when it’s possible to continue to box as a hobby.

2. Feeling stuck

Not seeing any progress can be really demotivating thing. Especially if you have been practicing boxing for years, if you still want to see some real progress, it can take a lot of training and a lot of time.

Getting bored at boxing for it being “the same old” every single time you hit the gym is probably the second most common reason behind reason #1.

It is okay to try different things for a change. If you really like martial arts but feel stuck with boxing, you might enjoy something like Brazilian jiu-jitsu or MMA. Both of those options bring in different aspects of fighting.

I also have a post about the 5 best martial arts for self-defense. Go check it out if interested.

3. Getting too old for boxing

Age can be a big factor when it comes to boxing. Getting punched can hurt a lot, especially as you get older and it takes a longer time to recover.

Sometimes, you might hit an age where it’s just better to take on more calm martial arts to practice.

For some, boxing is so tied up to their lives it feels impossible to quit and switch to anything else, that is an option as well.

It really is up to you whether you want to continue. Some have said they quit because they were “tired of the pain”. This is completely understandable, especially if you attended competitions or were sparring a lot in the ring.

4. Moving to another city

Moving to another city, too far from your main gym can be also enough to quit boxing, at least for a while.

It can be a big step to take to start looking for a new gym in a completely new area.

This can also be a good opportunity to look for something else, maybe another martial art.

One thing to keep in mind is the longer you wait until you seek a new gym, the more difficult it will be to start again.

Therefore, if you are planning on continuing boxing, do it as soon as you have time.

5. Boxing was more difficult than expected

Even though boxing sounds like a simple sport: punch and avoid getting punched, it can be a lot more difficult than that.

Some people practice for decades and still, they are far from the top. Boxing is a very complex sport at the end of the day.

It can be easy to start but to get good, it takes some hard work.

More about how difficult boxing actually is in this post.

6. Financial reasons

Boxing can also be expensive, depending on the gym you attend and the equipment you use.

Times are tough, and when it comes to cutting expenses, boxing as a hobby can be seen as unnecessary. This is true if the money has to be spent on food or rent. Those things, after all, are more essential than your gym membership.

If it comes to that, one might be able to continue boxing as the times get better and their financial situation allows them to.

It is true that martial arts are pretty cheap hobbies, compared to more equipment-heavy sports. However, there are also cheaper alternatives.

One thing you could do is build your own MMA gym to keep on boxing.

7. Getting injured

Injuries are also possible, no matter how careful you are.

They can be boxing related, or you might sprain an ankle while jogging. Injuries can happen, and they might keep you from attending the gym.

If you break a bone, that can take a long time to heal. The process might be so long, you end up quitting boxing for good since it can be difficult to get back to the gym after you are good to go again.

8. Started boxing for self-defense

People could also pick up boxing initially for self-defense purposes.

If this is the, and one has been practicing boxing for a year, they might feel like they are good enough to defend themselves.

this might actually be the case. If the only reason they started is self-defense, then the mission is accomplished.

Should you quit boxing?

I would not advise quitting boxing without a valid reason.

If you feel like boxing is not your thing, try looking for other martial arts or sports to get some exercise. Afte all, having a sport to do is a good thing, especially since nowadays even more jobs are office jobs.

Martial arts offer a good balance for sitting all day long.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, most of the time the reason people quit boxing is either not having enough time or not having enough motivation.

There can also be other reasons not listed here, but these are the most common ones.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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