Why people hate bjj

6 Reasons Some People Hate BJJ (Explained)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), is very popular nowadays. However, like everything, it has people who for some reason dislike the sport. Why do people hate BJJ?

The most common reason people dislike or hate BJJ is the fact that it doesn’t include any punches or kicks. They claim BJJ to be useless since it does not work in a real-world environment. But there is more to it, and everyone has their own reasons.

On the other hand, could be mostly about being a fan of their own sport and therefore trying to make it appeal superior compared to BJJ.

Let’s dive deeper into different reasons people dislike BJJ.


Injuries are one of the most common reasons why people seem to dislike BJJ. After all, BJJ is a martial art and it comes with an additional risk for injuries, compared to some other sports.

Injuries can be avoided by taking things slowly at the mat and tapping out rather too early than trying to escape from a joint lock.

Another tip to avoid injuries is not to grab anything with just one finger or to stick one finger between a gi and a belt for example. Always use at least two or preferably your whole hand to grab anything.

Using just one finger will put it at serious risk if your opponent does some student moves. Your finger could be broken in no time, with very little pressure.

Even so, usually, people who dislike BJJ because of the injuries are people who don’t train in martial arts. BJJ is from the safer end of martial arts, in my opinion. However, the risk of injury is a lot bigger compared to badminton, for example.

Accidents do happen when training BJJ. You could get punched to the face with your opponent’s elbow for example. Simple protection to that problem is wearing a mouth guard. More about how to make BJJ safer in this post.

Too close combat

Another reason some people dislike BJJ is the fact that you are attached to your opponent at all times when sparring. There is barely room to breathe if you get rolled over by your opponent.

Being on each other’s skins brings additional uncomfortable situations if your opponent happens to sweat and the sweat drops on your face. This seemed to be another big aspect that people dislike about BJJ.

Barely having any room to breathe and being too close combat sport brings us to the next reason:

Bad hygiene

Bad hygiene combined with close combat sport can be a very unpleasant experience. If your opponent did not wash their gi for a while, and maybe skipped a shower before class, that could get really unpleasant very fast.

That is why it is very important to wash your gi after every class. Yes, after every single class. You don’t want to become “that guy” who has a smelly gi and nobody want’s to roll with.

Keeping your hygiene on point makes training BJJ a lot more pleasant for everybody. On top of that, it keeps the mats as clean as possible, and certain diseases are less likely to contaminate the gym.

Additional friendly reminder: wash your gi after every class and make sure you have showered within 24 hours before class.

All the gi washing brings us smoothly to the next reason people dislike BJJ:

All the laundry

Training BJJ will definitely get your laundry machine rolling. You will finally get your money’s worth of washing machine when you start BJJ.

As mentioned before, it is important for your own good as well as for your fellow BJJ practitioners to wash your gi after every BJJ class.

On top of that, you should wash also the clothes you wear under your gi, (which you should wear, going “commando” with your gi is not recommended).

All the washing and drying can be a lot of work on top of training. Especially if you train 3 or 4 times per week. In that case, it might be smart to buy a second gi, so you don’t have to roll your washer after every night of training, but to wash them at once.

Or alternatively, keep the other gi for the times when your first gi is drying.

Grayscale Photo of Washing Machine
A cool image about every BJJ class afterparty

The attitude of people who train BJJ

The next reason people dislike BJJ is the attitude of some BJJ practitioners. Unfortunately, some people who practice BJJ talk down on other martial arts and speak like BJJ was the only way to go.

This could bring some bad light to BJJ. The fact is that everybody has their own preferences on what they wish to practice, whether that is BJJ, some other martial art, or completely a different kind of sport.

A friendly challenge is okay if both parties understand that it’s just that, jokes. But intentionally trying to make other people feel bad for not training BJJ but instead, some other martial art is just nonsense. There are pros and cons in every martial art, and even BJJ as perfect as it is, has its own downsides.


Bruises are common in BJJ. Of course, it depends on how hard you roll and how much speed is involved, but even with really slow sparring, bruises can come up.

It could be a little awkward going to work the next week if you have a black eye or something like that.

On top of that is all the explaining on how you got it.

People who take sparring too seriously

Last but not least, are the people in the BJJ class who take sparring and rolling a little bit too seriously. There is always “that guy” in the class, who faces sparring like it was a world championship tournament.

Sparring and rolling are about learning and being matched against someone who goes full speed and full strength can quickly drain all your energy.

On top of that, going full speed and full strength brings in additional risks of injury. It is also very difficult to test any new techniques if your opponent goes full speed.

I don’t want to point any fingers here, but most of the time fresh white belts are the ones that belong in this category.

Final thoughts

There could be more, but at least these reasons have gotten some hate towards BJJ and BJJ practitioners. It is also an opinion question whether someone likes or doesn’t like BJJ.

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