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Should You Practice Karate Every Day? (Explained)

Should you practice karate every day and is it even possible?

You Could practice karate every day, however, It’s important to keep some of the days lighter than others. Whether you should practice every day depends a lot on your goals and also how much time you have.

Let’s take a closer look at the things you have to keep in mind if you want to practice karate every day 

Can you practice Karate every day?

Practicing karate every day is possible but it’s not recommended for everybody, especially for beginners

In order to get the most out of your training, you have to make sure to get enough rest in between training sessions.

If you want to practice karate every day you probably have high goals. This is why it’s really important to avoid overtraining. If your get burnt out your might be forced to take months off from the training.

Sometimes less is more you can also do some other activities that will improve your Karate performance such as strength training or cardio.

When you first start practicing karate, the biggest bottleneck is your skills so you probably don’t have to worry about lifting weights or doing extra cardio on top of the regular Karate training.

However, as you progress you might notice that you are running out of breath or you could use some extra strength. That is when you could add some strength training or cardio into your weekly schedule.

How to train Karate every day

As mentioned before it’s important to keep some of the days lighter if you want to practice every day.

That might mean doing three or four full karate training sessions and doing some additional sparring or strength training on the other days

Practicing every day can be really tough on your body so it’s important to listen to it and see if your body can handle the stress all that training is putting on it.

Should you train Karate every day?

For most people, practicing Karate every day is not the best possible solution. Unless you make a living out of Karate, there are other things in life too.

It could be really difficult not only to find time to practice every day but also to get enough rest in between training sessions to recover.

Therefore, training every day most likely is not the best option for you.

In the end, it is just a matter of personal preference and how well you can recover in between days. If you can do it every day, there is no rule you can not. Just for most people, every day is not a realistic goal.

How long should you practice Karate at once?

A good length of a Karate lesson is typically something between 1,5 hours to 3 hours. This most likely depends on the gym you attend as well as the instructor.

Some gyms have fixed 1,5 to 3-hour practice sessions every time, whereas others it might vary depending on the day and the instructor.

Anything less than 1 hour is a little bit too short. Since it takes time to prepare and properly warm up, Karate lessons shorter than 1 hour is not as effective, as a 2-hour long session.

If you are really out of shape, you could start by doing shorter lessons, if that is an option.

Longer than 3-hour long practice sessions are probably going to be too much for average Karate practitioners. I have not heard anyone doing longer than that who is just casually doing Karate in their free time. Professional fighters might train more.

How often should you practice Karate?

The golden middle of practicing times in a week is something in between 2 to 4 times weekly.

This depends on a lot of factors and you could get started with just once time a week.

Training once a week is so much better than not training at all. For every additional training session a week, the gain from it declines compared to the last. This means, you will get the most benefit from practicing once a week, but if you do practice 4 times a week, you probably won’t get 4 times the benefits.

More about how often you should practice Karate in a week in this post.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you technically can practice every single day of the week.

However, that is not realistic and recommended for most people, due to other obligations in life. On top of that, it’s important to get enough rest in between lessons to avoid overtraining and burning out.

The length of the lesson varies on several factors, such as the gym you train at and the instructors.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day, and good luck on your Karate journey!

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