why people quit Karate

The 7 Most Common Reasons People Quit Karate

Even though Karate is still one of the most popular martial arts in the US, it is not for everybody.

In this post, we go through the most common reasons why people quit Karate.

Without further chitchat, let’s get started!

1. Not having enough time

Not having enough time to practice Karate is probably the most common reason people quit Karate.

Life situations change, and even if your first plan was to get a black belt in Karate, life could get in the way. You might have too much work to do or family-related responsibilities, such as taking care of the children.

Whatever the reason is, sometimes it is just hard to find enough time and energy to practice Karate after a rough week.

Situations like this are unfortunate, and maybe life situations change to be less busy and one day you might be able to continue practicing Karate or some other martial art.

2. Not seeing enough progress

With reason #1, these two most likely are the reason for most people for quitting Karate.

This was the reason for me why I practiced Karate as a child. I just didn’t see enough progress in my skills and in my belt color, so I lost my motivation to practice.

Even though the belt color should not be a factor of progress, it could feel like so. Practicing for months or even years without seeing any visible change in your belt can be really demotivating.

I don’t really regret quitting back then, since I discovered Brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, I think it comes with a lot of benefits to practicing at least some martial art.

The progress will come, sometimes slowly but surely. You won’t be a white belt forever. I would advise you not to quit because you don’t see a change in your belt color unless you have something really better to do with that time.

3. Moving to another city

Moving is another reason why you might be forced to quit training in Karate. It could require you to find a new gym with new people practicing.

All the changes at the same time might be intimidating, especially since moving as it is, is also very stressful.

Change of the gym might cause you to take a break from practicing at all, which can sometimes lead to quitting for good.

You don’t have to find a new gym as soon as you arrive at your new home. But keep in mind that the longer you stay out of the gym, the harder it will be to start training again.

4. Financial reasons

Even though martial arts in general, including Karate typically are not very expensive hobbies, sometimes saving that money for something more essential is necessary.

This is a very unfortunate situation, especially if you enjoyed practicing Karate.

Times are tough and sometimes it can be hard to decide what to give up on. It might be nights out with the boys, or it might be a hobby.

5. Karate was more difficult than expected

I would say Karate is not one of the most difficult martial arts, there might still be a lot to learn.

Especially for someone with no previous martial arts experience, suddenly being taught all the different techniques and gym etiquette might be too much to take in at once.

Karate does look cool in the movies and all, but in reality, it still takes time and effort to learn. Sometimes it is more difficult than people expected, causing them to quit.

Here is a short explanation of how difficult Karate really is to learn.

6. Injuries

Like other sports and martial arts, Karate has its own set of risks. You might get injured while practicing, which could force you to take some time off from attending the class.

The injury might also occur doing something completely different. If you break an arm or leg, it might take a long time to heal.

Taking a long break, sometimes for months might make it difficult to start training again once healed.

7. They trained for self-defense

Sometimes the main motivator to attend a Karate class is to learn to defend yourself.

If this is the case, and you have been practicing for a year, you might feel like you know enough to take care of yourself.

In this case, good for you. You achieved your goal, now it’s up to you whether to continue training in Karate or to move into something else.

In my opinion, there are a lot of better options for self-defense than Karate. Here is my list of the best martial arts for self-defense.

Should you quit Karate?

I would highly advise not quitting Karate if you had no better use for that time.

After all, Karate is a very fine martial art that is physically challenging with other benefits as well.

Unless you wanted to start training some other martial art or another sport, I would say stick to Karate. It will not only keep you in better shape but also can be very rewarding as your belt color changes over time.

Sometimes quitting is unavoidable but if you have a choice, keep on going or try to find an alternative.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, I think over half of the time people quit Karate, the reason is typically either not having enough time or not having enough motivation.

If your life situation changes, you might not have enough time to spend in Karate gyms.

Also, if you do not see progress, you might get demotivated and that might cause you to quit.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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