Can You Practice Martial Arts with Glasses or Contacts?

Can You Practice Martial Arts with Glasses or Contacts?

Practicing martial arts with poor eyesight can be a little bit more work, but it is completely possible.

There are a few ways to practice martial arts with bad eyesight. You can keep your glasses on for the parts of training, where you won’t get hit. You could also keep your contact lenses on for the whole time, but they are a risk of falling out.

Let’s dive deeper into how to practice martial arts if you have bad eyesight.

How to practice martial arts with bad eyesight

As mentioned, there are a few different ways you can practice martial arts if you can not see clearly.

It depends a lot on the martial art and which way is the best to go. With grappling martial arts, contact lenses will typically stay in place longer, compared to boxing where you could get punched in the face.

Therefore, contact lenses could be the best option for Brazilian jiu-jitsu or wrestling for example. There is still a risk of your contacts falling off during the class, it’s just more unlikely compared to boxing.

When it comes to striking martial arts, such as boxing, you could keep your glasses on for the most part. When it comes to sparring or other activities that you are at risk of getting hit, it’s recommended to take your glasses off for that part.

If you can still see for the most part even without glasses, then your vision should not be an issue. You could go completely without any visual aid if you feel like so.

It is just up to you and your preferences, whether you will need classes or not. It is true that in boxing, for example, it can be more difficult to dodge punches if you can barely see anything without classes.

Keep in mind that for the most part, martial arts practicing is something that you can wear either glasses or contacts on, so having bad eyesight should not prevent you from practicing martial arts.

Can you practice martial arts with glasses?

Practicing martial arts with glasses can be done, here is how.

You could keep your glasses on for the most part, where you don’t have to spar or are not in danger of getting punched to the face.

When it comes to sparring or to something where you could get punched, simply put your glasses to the side somewhere, and pick them up after you are done.

Look for a safe place to put your glasses beforehand, so it won’t take a lot of time from the actual practicing. It could annoy your fellow practitioners if it always takes 5 minutes to take glasses on and off before action.

I have practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu with someone who has really bad eyesight. He simply keeps his classes on during the instructions and takes them off when it’s time to test the techniques and roll. More about Brazilian jiu-jitsu with bad eyesight here.

Can you practice martial arts with contact lenses?

Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses when it comes to practicing martial arts.

Contact lenses can be a better option since you don’t have to take them off every time you start to spar or are in danger of getting punched.

However, contact lenses do have the risk of falling off or rolling behind your eye, which can be unpleasant I have heard.

I also have heard that contact lenses falling off, at least in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is fairly rare. People who have practiced for years with contacts have said that they only have had a few occasions where they have lost a lense during practice.

It depends on how fast and hard you do the sparring and all. If you take things slower and be more careful, the risk of losing a lens is a lot smaller.

If you decide to go with lenses, keep an extra pair of them in your gym bag, just in case you lose one or both of them.

Especially if you have to drive home afterward, having an extra pair can ensure safe driving both ways.

Should you fight with glasses?

Fighting in general outside a ring or gym is never recommended. It can become even more dangerous if you are wearing glasses. If you get punched to the face with glasses and your glasses scatter, the pieces of your glasses could permanently damage your eyes.

Not to talk about the financial damage that getting new classes will cost. Fighting is never recommended on the streets, but even more so if you have glasses on.

Martial arts eye protection

To further increase your eye protection, no matter what martial art you are practicing, you could wear a wrestling or boxing helmet to protect your eyes.

If you have problems with your eyesight and you want to practice martial arts, talk to your eye doctor.

Best martial arts if you have bad eyesight

Depending on how bad your eyesight is, it might limit your ability to practice some of the martial arts.

The best martial arts, if you have bad eyesight, are ones with no punches and kicks. This makes it easier for you to use your other senses as well. A few good ones are:

With all the above, you don’t have to worry about getting punched. You will always be close to your opponent so you won’t struggle to see them from a distance.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, practicing martial arts is completely possible even if you have really bad eyesight.

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As mentioned, there are a few options. You could also get laser surgery on your eyes, but I have heard that comes with some additional issues. (I am not a doctor and my opinions are not medical advice).

However, I will link you to a video that talks about the problems that come with eye surgery. I am not the creator of this video.

Hopefully this article was helpful to you, have a wonderful day!

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