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This is How You Can Learn Karate at Home (Full Guide)

Karate has been around forever it seems. But can you learn karate at home by yourself?

You can learn Karate at home by yourself, up to a point. The learning will not be as complete, compared to practicing with an instructor and other people. However, you can learn the basics of Karate by yourself, at home from YouTube videos or online courses.

Let’s dive deeper into how to learn Karate at home and how long it takes.

Can you learn Karate at home alone?

You can learn the basics of Karate at home by yourself. Overall, Karate has a lot of moves that you can practice by yourself without a training partner. However, training will be more effective when it is properly instructed and you have sparring partners.

That being said, for some people, training at a Karate gym is not always an option. This might be due to the distance or heavy work schedule, which overruns any chance to attend a proper Karate lesson.

So good news! You can practice Karate at home. It can even be done with no equipment at all since most of the beginner moves don’t require even a punching bag.

At first, it is important to focus on proper techniques, before you start adding too much speed for strikes, blocks, and kicks.

Let’s go through different ways you can learn Karate at home.

Different ways to learn Karate at home

There are several different ways you can practice Karate at home alone. Some of them don’t require any equipment at all, but for some, having a punching bag is a good thing to have.

Some of the methods to learn are completely free, but you can use some money into learning faster if you want to.

YouTube tutorials

You might want to start your Karate training by watching some basic tutorials on YouTube. It is close to impossible to start learning anything if you don’t have any instructions to go by.

Therefore, look for basic techniques at first, and move up from there. I will link one video you can start with, and continue from there. I am not the creator of this video.

This is a full first lesson you can follow with warmup and technique. You also do not need any equipment to follow this guide.

The video above is just one example of many tutorials on YouTube. There are shorter tutorial videos as well, but as a beginner, I would say having a fully instructed first lesson could make it easier to follow.

Shadow Fighting

Shadow fighting, shadow boxing, or shadow kicking are the next thing you can do to practice Karate at home. This again does not need any equipment.

Before starting to shadow fight, it’s important to have some basic knowledge about the techniques, so you can start to improve them the right way.

If you want to add extra resistance to your shadow fighting training, you can hold small weights on your hands while doing so.

Alternatively, if you do not have any weights, you can hold pretty much anything that weights the right amount for you. That might be small water bottles for example.

Here is a shadow fighting tutorial so you can implement your freshly learned Karate techniques too.

Punching bag

As you have practiced the techniques up to a point, where you can start adding some force to them, having a punching bag is a good thing to have.

Not only will it allow you to use more force in your training, but you can also develop the muscles responsible for the strength by doing so.

I have a post on creating your home MMA gym, which you can use to train Karate as well. You can find the guide here.

If you already have a punching bag, great! If not, and you plan on getting one, choose the place to hang it carefully. The last thing you want is for your ceiling to fall down with the bag with it.

Having a punching bag by no means is necessary, but it will make your training more efficient and allows you to add more strength to your punches and kicks.

Online Karate courses

On top of the YouTube videos, which will get you really far as long as you keep practicing, online courses are another alternative.

They are not necessary, but there are a few things that they can help you with.

  1. They can offer a better-structured learning plan for home training. Unlike YouTube videos, where you watch one video here and there, online courses offer a step-by-step program to get started and progress.
  2. You are more likely to continue since courses typically cost some money. When you know you have paid for it, you are more motivated and keep on training.
  3. Courses can offer personal instructor calls that you can use to further improve your training at home.

Private lessons

If you can not attend an instructed Karate class, you can pay someone to privately come to your home and keep your lessons.

Private lessons will make you progress really fast since the instructor is only focused on teaching you.

However, private lessons can cost a lot of money. But if you can afford it, why not? They can cost anywhere from 50 dollars to hundreds of dollars per lesson, depending on where you live and the instructor.

Private lessons can be booked online as well and done remotely.

How long does it take to learn Karate at home?

Learning Karate at home will be slower, compared to attending instructed classes.

However, you should be able to learn the basics of Karate within six months of training, if you keep at it.

After learning the basics, it can be a lot easier to enter and join a karate dojo.

Final thoughts

So, can you learn Karate at home? Absolutely. Will the practice be as effective as training in a dojo? Probably not.

There are several ways you can train Karate at home. You can maximize your progress by doing some training on your own, on top of the instructed Karate lessons.

Personally, I only trained in Karate in the lessons. I felt like they were enough for me. However, I have used these training methods for other martial arts.

People learn differently, but I hope this guide can help you to practice Karate yourself.

More about how to learn martial arts at home in this post.

Have a wonderful day!

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