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How To Learn Boxing by Yourself (Explained)

Learning boxing by yourself is possible until a point. When you train by yourself, you can train footwork and punches, but dodging in actual boxing situations is harder to train by yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, footwork and punching are a huge part of boxing. That is why it is possible to partially learn boxing by yourself.

In this post, we will go through different ways you can learn boxing alone. All you need is some equipment or not even that. Some of these things can be performed without any equipment at all.

Can you learn boxing by yourself?

You can learn boxing by yourself up to a point. Training punches and footwork is possible just by yourself.

What solo training is missing is sparring and dodging punches. That is more difficult to train without a training partner.

Depending on how much you want to invest, you can get different kinds of bags and gloves to train with. You can get started with just shadowboxing, which requires no equipment at all.

Different ways to train boxing by yourself?

First of all, watching tutorials on YouTube can help out a lot, if you try to learn boxing without an instructor. Watching how people perform certain techniques and punches is essential from the beginning.

When you learn to punch correctly right from the start, you don’t have to unlearn some of the things you may be doing wrong in the future.

Tip number 1: Learn how to punch correctly right from the beginning.

Below I will go through different ways you can train boxing by yourself, with some videos from YouTube as further guidance.

Shadow boxing

Shadowboxing is one of the simplest ways to train boxing by yourself. You don’t need any equipment at all and this can be done anywhere.

Shadowboxing in short is just punching the air, or having a match with your shadow. You don’t need to see your shadow, it is just the name.

With shadowboxing, your muscles and hands will get used to the punching movement. This way you can train and improve your techniques without any equipment at all.

More about benefits of shadowboxing, and doing it every day in this post.

Shadowboxing tutorial in the video below.

Shadowboxing tutorial

Speed bag

A speed bag is another great, lighter way to train boxing by yourself. Speedbag does not require a lot of space and it can be placed almost anywhere because it doesn’t weigh much.

Speedbag will have similar benefits as shadow boxing, with additional speed increase and eye-hand coordination.

On top of that, mastering a speed bag punching looks really cool. More about how to train with a speed bag in the video below.

Speed bag tutorial

Heavy bag

A heavy bag or just a normal punching bag is another great way to improve your boxing by yourself.

Punching a heavy bag will not only improve your punching skills but also build strength due to the resistance it gives to your punches.

Depending on your level and strength, choose a punching bag accordingly. You don’t want to go too heavy or too light.

Punching a bag is much easier and more comfortable if you have a pair of boxing gloves, to begin with. You don’t need gloves for shadowboxing or a speed bag, but with a heavy bag, I recommend having a pair.

There are cheaper options you can start with. You don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars into equipment right from the beginning.

With a heavy bag, it is also important to keep in mind that it weighs a lot. Therefore, it can not be hung anywhere. Look for a place to hang your heavy bag before you buy it, so it doesn’t go just collect dust in some corner.

Heavy bag tutorial in the video below.

Heavy bag tutorial

How long does it take to learn boxing by yourself?

The time it takes to learn boxing by yourself varies based on your goals. On top of that, you won’t become a professional boxer by just training yourself (probably, you could prove me wrong).

The key to learning boxing or any skill is consistency. Keep on learning regularly, and over time, your skills will improve.

You could learn the basics of punching within a few weeks of regularly training by yourself and watching videos. It is hard to say how long it takes to actually get good.

Is boxing easy to learn at home?

Boxing or more specifically, punching is pretty easy to learn at home if you have the equipment needed and keep training regularly.

Learning the whole sport of boxing by yourself is a lot more difficult if you don’t have someone to train and spar with.

Punching is easier to learn at home alone, dodging and taking hits is harder to learn by yourself.

Final thoughts

So, can you learn boxing by yourself? You can learn some parts of boxing alone. However, mastering the art of boxing and all aspects of it, it is much easier with training partners.

With these ways I listed, you can learn and improve your punches at home, with very little or no equipment.

Endurance is also one essential part of boxing. More about cardio and boxing in this post.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

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