How to Learn BJJ Online (Different Ways in 2023)

Learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) at home, through online services has become more popular due to recent events in the world. Even more services and jobs have moved to the internet, and learning BJJ is no exception.

You can learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu online by watching YouTube videos or taking online courses. The main key to actually learning is to try applying what you see and learn as much as you can at home.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can learn BJJ at home through online services.

Can you learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu online by yourself?

Learning the basics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu by yourself through online services is possible. However, it does not bring an overall as good a learning experience, as a BJJ gym would.

Even if you manage to learn all the techniques, it is practically impossible to test them out without a partner. The best way to learn BJJ at home, is with a partner, with a well-paced online course about BJJ.

There are two main ways you can learn BJJ online at home. The first is to watch tutorials on YouTube. The good thing about YouTube videos is that they are free, and they contain a lot of different views and information.

The downside of YouTube and learning BJJ from YouTube videos is that the information is often partial, the tutorials can overlap each other and the whole learning process is not structured as well, as it is in online courses that teach BJJ.

That leads us to the other option, which is online courses. Online courses offer a better overall learning experience, with structured lessons that come in hand-to-hand with what you have already learned.

With courses, you have a clear path to follow, and what video to watch next. You know exactly what is coming next, and your previous knowledge from previous lessons is considered.

The downside of online courses is that they can cost money. Whether that is a lot or not, depends on you. BJJ online courses’ price range varies around 50 and 300 dollars.

Downsides of learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu online

Learning BJJ online, alone comes with some downsides. First of all, it can be really difficult to implement the techniques reached in the videos yourself.

If you were to test the techniques right away with an opponent, you would remember and actually see how they are done.

Even if you had a training partner, if both of you are new to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it can be hard to tell if one or both of you are doing something wrong.

The best way to use online BJJ courses

Even though online courses alone are not going to make you a BJJ master, they can help with that. There are two cases where I would use online courses if I were to start all over again with BJJ.

Online courses can give you a head start, before entering a BJJ gym

The first scenario is if I were planning on joining a BJJ gym but I wanted to have some previous knowledge about BJJ and the basics.

In a situation like this, an online course can really help you out a lot. It can give you some knowledge before your first lesson, that makes it easier for you to absorb the information reached at the lesson, from day one forward.

Learning some of the basics before you enter a BJJ gym, will prevent you from “falling off the wagon” at your first lesson.

If you were to miss half of the things taught in the first lesson, that can cause you to struggle in future lessons.

Taking an online course about BJJ basics can help you get through the initial few months phase of your BJJ journey.

Online courses with regular BJJ gym training can maximize your progress

If you want to maximize your progress in BJJ, online courses combined with regular BJJ gym training are a great way to go.

You will learn new techniques in your BJJ class, as well as from online courses. You will be able to instantly implement what you learned in your next lesson.

On top of that, if you learn a new technique from an online course, the instructors at your gym can tell if you are doing the techniques correctly.

BJJ gym training and online courses complement each other. That is a good way to maximize your progress in BJJ if that is what you want.

Other scenarios where online BJJ courses can be useful

Another reason why you might want to take a BJJ course is to see what BJJ is like from a student’s perspective.

Or the reason might be completely different. Those are just the reasons, why I would take an online course about Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Can you learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu from YouTube videos?

YouTube videos have great information about BJJ as well. Before and after I started Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I watched a ton of YouTube videos about BJJ, different techniques, and gym etiquette.

That was a more time-consuming way to go since I would jump from one channel to another, one video to another, which were not related to each other at all.

Some of the videos were pretty much the same information as the video before, and some techniques were too hard for me to do in the first year or so, so it was not as useful as if I watched more “beginner-friendly” videos.

Fortunately for you, I have made a list of tips for beginners who want to start their BJJ journey. In this post, you can find 21 tips for the first year of training BJJ.

Final thoughts

So, can learn BJJ online? Up to a point, you can learn the basics of BJJ by yourself online.

However, if you want to get the most out of your training, learning at the gym as well as from online courses can maximize your progress.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

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