Is Wing Chun Illegal in MMA?

Is Wing Chun Illegal in MMA? (Explained)

There has been some discussion about Wing Chun being illegal in MMA. But is there any truth to that?

Wing Chun as a whole is not illegal nor banned in MMA. However, Wing Chun does have some moves that are targeting eyes or throat, which are illegal in MMA and UFC. There are even more popular UFC fighters, that do have some background in Wing Chun.

Let’s take a closer look at Wing Chun and MMA.

Is Wing Chun Illegal in MMA and UFC?

Wing Chun as a martial art is not banned nor is it illegal in MMA or UFC. Wing Chun however does have some moves and techniques, that are forbidden in MMA and UFC.

Those are for example punches and techniques that target the opponent’s throat or eyes.

Wing Chun was not created for competitions. Due to the nature of Wing Chun, not all of the techniques can be used in MMA competitions, since they might cause permanent damage to the opponent.

Wing Chun for self-defense purposes is a really effective martial art. That is what it was designed for. Even so, there are some aspects of Wing Chun that can be used for MMA purposes as well.

Why Wing Chun is not commonly used in MMA?

Wing Chun is not as common in MMA as in some other martial arts. This is because not all of the Wing Chun techniques can be used in MMA, due to their damaging nature towards eyes for example.

Because Wing Chun as a whole can not be used in MMA, you will be practicing techniques that can not all be used in MMA, if that is what you aim for.

Therefore, you would be learning “useless” techniques and wasting your time doing so. There are better ways to spend your time, if your goal is to simply become a better MMA fighter, than Wing Chun.

Another thing that makes Wing Chun less effective in MMA is the lack of grappling. Since Wing Chun focuses on really close combat strikes, you will be in takedown range constantly.

In MMA takedowns and ground fighting is also really common form of finishing a fight. Because Wing Chun does not focus on ground fighting at all, that will leave you vulnerable to submissions.

What makes Wing Chun so dangerous?

The reason Wing Chun is so dangerous and some of the techniques are forbidden in MMA, is that some of the techniques can cause permanent damage to the opponent. Those can be for example techniques targeting the opponent’s eyes.

Wing Chun is like an ancient version of Krav Maga. It focuses on surviving, no matter the cost. The weapons used in Wing Chun were also designed for surviving and protecting yourself at all costs, pretty much like Krav Maga in modern self-defense.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Wing Chun is not banned as a martial art in MMA or in the UFC. However, Wing Chun does teach you techniques, that can not be used in MMA.

That is why Wing Chun is not so common sight in the MMA. You would spend a lot of time learning techniques, that you would not be able to use.

Wing Chun also lacks a ground fighting aspect, which is really common in MMA.

Another thing that is illegal in MMA is the rabbit punch.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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