Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Good for Self-Defense?

Is BJJ good for self-defense?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help you to defend yourself if it ever comes to that. However, BJJ does not cover all the aspects of fighting, but only focuses on ground fighting and grappling.

Let’s take a closer look at how well BJJ works for self-defense.

Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Good for Self-Defense?

Is Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) good for self-defense? The short answer is yes; BJJ is good for self-defense. Let me explain why.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu focuses most on very close combat and ground fighting. Taking the fight to the ground avoids your opponent from throwing punches, or at least makes it more difficult.

Punches, falling, and hitting your head are the most dangerous parts of fighting outside the mat or a cage. Therefore, if you can minimize the chances of falling and hitting your head by taking the fight to the ground by yourself, it can reduce the risk of significant damage.

On the ground, the fight could go either way. The best possibility is if you manage to get your opponent to the ground and the runaway. Other options are that you can hold them in joint locks until you get back up, either from other people or the police.

BJJ is great for controlling people on the ground. Once you have them on a joint lock or choke, there is very little they can do. This is the reason why I think BJJ is good for self-defense. BJJ is also effective against bigger opponents.

It can be very difficult to win a fistfight with someone twice your size. BJJ can help you out in situations like this since no matter how big your opponent is, they can be choked, or joint locked the same way as everybody else.

More about why BJJ might not work on a street fight in this post.

The best way to defend yourself in a fight

The single best and most overpowered way to defend yourself from getting hurt in a fight is to run. It might give a hit to your ego, but at least you didn’t suffer from broken bones, concussion, or serious brain damage that could happen.

You could also damage your clothes and skin or lose a wallet if you are being robbed. Therefore, I would highly suggest you run whenever you can.

I know running is not always a possibility. This is why learning to defend yourself can help out a lot in different ways. I have a post about 7 reasons you should start training BJJ, you can read it here.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu can make you mentally stronger

Training Brazilian jiu-jitsu can make you mentally stronger and more confident overall. When you are facing a tough situation that might end up in a physical fight, being confident and mentally strong in situations like that can help you avoid the situation.

If you are being threatened but your opponent sees you are keeping your head cool and ready for everything, they might just like that, drop the act, and stop. Seeing that you are not flinching at their threats might be enough for them to back off.

On the other hand, if they see you shaking and helpless, they could be more likely to go at you since they see you as an easy target.

This is one of the reasons training BJJ, or any other martial art can help you out. Just knowing that you can defend yourself if absolutely necessary can help you avoid those situations.

Final thoughts

Training Brazilian jiu-jitsu or any other martial art can be highly beneficial, not just in self-defense but in other aspects as well. Being more confident overall and in better shape are other benefits you get from training.

BJJ lessons with other people also get you more familiar with the situation itself. It is not entirely the same as it would be in a street fight, but it is way more real than watching other people fight on YouTube. You get the feeling of “fighting for your life” in the lessons as well.

You can even train BJJ yourself, at least on some level, if you don’t yet feel like starting out at a proper gym. I also have a post on how to train BJJ by yourself.

Hopefully, this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

What is Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting. This means it focuses on taking the fight to the ground and finishing the fight with joint locks or chokeholds. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was developed around 1920’s, and was modified from judo. Nowadays, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an essential martial art for MMA.

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