This is How You Can Train BJJ at Home

How to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu at home?

There are several ways you can practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu at home, including watching techniques from YouTube, doing solo drills, or doing strength training.

In this post, we are going to focus on different things you can do to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) alone at home.

I will not go on how to do different solo drills, because I think they can better be learned from YouTube videos, rather than from written text.

How can you learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu by yourself?

There are ways you can learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu by yourself. It is not as effective as training in dedicated lessons with other people and sparring, but it can help you out a little bit.

These things can be easier done if you have some sort of home gym. I have a post on how to build a home MMA gym that can be useful, you can read it here.

Watch techniques from YouTube videos

Watching how certain moves are completed in YouTube videos can help you remember them better.

Whether you have already learned them in a lesson or have never done them, seeing how they are done correctly with a little background information can help you out the next time you use that technique.

Every instructor has a different way of teaching BJJ, so it could help out a lot if your local instructor missed some part of the technique.

People also learn different ways, so even if one could pick up the technique on the first try, for some it could take more time. This is where watching tutorials can come in handy. And the best part, is you can do it at home, alone, and learn as much as you want.

Do BJJ solo drills

Drills are another great way to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu by yourself. There are a lot of different drills for different movements that can come in handy.

When doing drills alone, I would say to focus most on the ones you struggle the most with. I, for example, struggled a lot with shoulder roll in my early days, so practicing that on my own helped a lot. I could focus on my weaknesses instead of doing what everybody else was doing at the gym.

YouTube is full of different solo drill videos and tutorials, and I think they can visually explain the drills a lot better than I could in written form. If you want to try solo drills, just type something like “BJJ solo drills” into the YouTube search box. You can specify the search based on your needs.

Strength training

You can improve your physical capabilities with some basic strength training, such as push-ups and pull-ups. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, after all, is a combat sport and martial art, which requires physical movement and strength.

Even though BJJ mainly focuses on beating your opponent with techniques, strength is another aspect that can make your training easier.

Stretching and flexibility

Flexibility is another thing that can help you out a lot when training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It will help you perform the movements and techniques easier and cleaner.

Just doing some very basic stretching at home can improve your BJJ performance on the mat.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that the key to training for BJJ or any sport at all is routines. Just like training BJJ at a gym, training by yourself will over time improve your performance.

Train weekly or daily, just like you would if you were to go for lessons. The results might not be as huge as you would get from going to actual lessons, but learning by yourself can help you out in two ways:

First, it can help your BJJ training, if you also go to the lessons. Train your weaknesses by yourself so you can perform the new techniques in the lessons better.

Another scenario is if you just can not for some reason go to a BJJ gym to take lessons. If this is the case, I would say learning by yourself is better than doing something. Then if you eventually manage to get yourself to a gym, you will have some knowledge and movement already.

On top of that, I have beginner tips for new BJJ practitioners I wish I had known when I first started. You can read them here.

Other BJJ-related posts can be found here.

Hopefully, this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

What is Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting. This means it focuses on taking the fight to the ground and finishing the fight with joint locks or chokeholds. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was developed around 1920’s, and was modified from judo. Nowadays, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an essential martial art for MMA.

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