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How to Start Boxing in 2023? (Step by Step)

How to get started with boxing?

Believe it or not, starting boxing does not start by buying some expensive gear. Actually, the simplest way is to find a good boxing gym, where you can get all the basic information you need.

Even though you might be tempted to get that new pair of gloves right from the start, I would suggest holding your horses and waiting until you have found a good gym, where you can ask for opinions and advice from.

Anyway, let’s go through the steps to start boxing.

1. Compare different boxing gyms

Before deciding on your boxing gym, you should compare at least a few. This might be difficult if you live in a smaller town where is not that many gyms are available. (If that’s the case, just go with the gym or gyms you have).

Compare them by visiting their websites and checking Google reviews. Do they seem like a good fit for you?

After you have a few candidates, you can book a visiting session which is typically a free trial session.

Now, hear me out. You want to book at least 2-3 free trials at different gyms. If you are new to boxing, you might have no idea what a good gym should look like.

Therefore, by getting a few examples of what a gym could look like, it will be easier to choose the best.

2. Select a good instructor/coach

Even though the gym and the facility you train at can make a big difference, the people in the gym make an even bigger difference.

If you find an instructor that is good at what they do, and you enjoy being around them, that is a good start.

On top of that, the people training at the gym can greatly affect the atmosphere of the gym.

Don’t let your new boxing hobby stop just because you chose a gym with a poor atmosphere and people. It can be highly demotivating if you don’t like the people in the gym.

3. Jump right into the world of boxing

After you have found the gym that fits your needs the best, you really just have to show up.

A good instructor will know how to shape your techniques and help you to get started.

One thing to keep in mind is that boxing might not be exactly what you expected. You might have an image from movies or watching boxing on TV, but the reality might be different.

Especially for someone who is just starting out, it might not be as fun and cool as you expected. The training sessions can be hard and can take a lot of willpower to go through.

Therefore, keep an open mind. I would suggest going on for at least 6 months to really see whether boxing is your thing or not.

Also, you might have chosen the wrong gym after all. If the gym atmosphere makes you dislike boxing overall, you could consider switching to another gym.

4. Additional training

On top of hitting the boxing gym and learning new techniques, there are other ways you can improve your performance.


Cardio is an essential part of boxing. If you find yourself getting out of breath at the gym, adding some jogging or other cardio exercises to your schedule can help out.

That is what you see in the movies as well, endurance is a really big part of boxing.

Weight lifting

Lifting weights can also help you to get stronger and add more power to your punches.

I also have an article about how to increase punching power and speed.


Shadowboxing is another way you can get familiar with the movement that boxing requires.

You can do it pretty much anywhere, but I have some tricks to make shadowboxing more effective.

Online tutorials

You can also find a lot of content online that can help you with your new boxing dreams.

Youtube is full of different kinds of tutorials varying from techniques to small tricks that can help you to avoid getting hit.

On top of that, there are paid courses but you should get by with just your own gym and instructor.

How do I start boxing on my own?

You can start boxing on your own without signing on a gym, but it can be a more rocky road.

To get started with boxing at home, you should get some basic equipment, such as boxing gloves and some kind of boxing bag.

Keep in mind that boxing bags can be heavy, so be careful about what you hang them on. You don’t want your roof to fall down with it.

Those things can be costly, but as a beginner, you could go with more budget-friendly versions to see whether boxing is your thing or not.

Shadowboxing is another way to tip your toes into the world of boxing without having to invest any money into it.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the most important aspect of starting boxing is to find the right gym with the right people in it.

Even though the gym facilities make a difference, the instructor and the overall atmosphere of the gym matter even more.

Choosing the right boxing instructor/coach can make a huge difference, whether you continue to box for six months or six years.

When you enjoy being around the people you train with, you are more likely to continue even if things get difficult.

Whether you want to start boxing as a career or just a hobby, the gym and the people you train with do have the biggest impact.

I hope this can help you to get started with boxing, have a wonderful day!

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