How to improve shadowboxing?

5 Ways to Improve Your Shadowboxing

How to improve your shadowboxing and make it more efficient?

In this post, we go through 5 super easy ways you can do to improve your shadowboxing and get more out of those workout sessions.

Let’s get started!

How to improve your shadowboxing?

There are several different ways you can improve your shadowboxing, and increase the benefits you get out of it. Here are some of them.

1. Mirror

The first and one of the easiest ways to make your shadowboxing more efficient and get more out of it is to do it in front of a mirror.

With a mirror, you can see how you perform. You can see how straight your punches are going, and whether you should improve your stance.

Having a larger mirror can help you to further improve your boxing movement when you can see better your movement.

Another alternative is to take a video of yourself shadowboxing and see if you can find any room for improvement from there.

You can also show the video to anyone with boxing experience, and ask if they see any room for improvement.

2. Weights

The second way to improve your shadowboxing is to hold small weights in your hands while shadowboxing.

This can increase the strength in your arms, shoulders, and back muscles that are responsible for throwing punches.

Even small weights, less than a pound can make a difference in the long run.

If you do not have weights, you can use pretty much anything you can hold on your hands.

That might be small water bottles, stones, or balls. Improvise and find the best weight that works for you.

You can add more weight as you progress.

3. Combos

The next way to improve your shadowboxing is to do some boxing combos.

Instead of just aimlessly throwing punches in the air, try doing something like jab-jab-hook with different foot movements.

Getting used to different combinations of punches and movements can help you to learn boxing faster with shadowboxing.

4. Don’t forget the movement

We talked about movement in the previous tip as well, but seriously, do not forget movement.

Shadowboxing is not just throwing punches in the air, you should do it as if you were in a real situation.

That means footwork and head movement on top of throwing punches and combos.

Shadowboxing is also a great way to improve your movement overall. Combining punches with proper footwork and head movement can really make a difference in what you get out of shadowboxing.

5. Add other elements to your workouts

While shadowboxing alone can be used as a great workout, or just as a warmup, combining it with other types of training can be highly beneficial.

Depending on your goals, that might be lifting weights and/or going to a boxing gym to take actual boxing lessons.

Shadowboxing can further increase your progress in both of those things.

If you are in great shape, and shadowboxing can barely get your heart rate up, I suggest you use some weights as we discussed in the #1 tip, or go for a jog after shadowboxing.

How to make your shadowboxing more efficient?

There are several ways to make your shadowboxing workout more efficient. Anything from holding weights to focusing more on footwork, as we previously discussed in this post.

Other ways are to time yourself, and try to get as much out of a 5-minute shadowboxing session as possible.

Also, try to focus on breathing properly to avoid fatigue while doing so.

Benefits of shadowboxing

There are several benefits to shadowboxing, for example:

  • Be a great workout
  • Help to lose weight by burning more calories
  • Be used as a great warmup
  • Be a very cost-efficient way of training boxing
  • Improve your boxing abilities

More about the benefits of shadowboxing in this post.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the easy ways to improve your shadowboxing and to make it more effective are:

  • Get a mirror
  • Add weights
  • Boxing combos
  • Don’t forget the movement
  • Diversify your workouts

I hope this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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