How to Get a Purple Belt Faster?

How to Get a Purple Belt in BJJ Faster (5 Tips)

How to get a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu faster?

Purple belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu are given if they are earned. Not like blue belts, which you can get if you just train long enough. There are several things you can do to speed up that timeline, like attending competitions and watching additional tutorials online.

In this post, we will go through 5 things you can do, to get your purple belt as fast as possible. The first 3 ones are towards getting it in time, and the last 2 are to speed up that timeline.

Let’s get started!

1. Do not miss any lessons

The first and most important cornerstone towards belt promotion is to attend as many BJJ lessons as possible.

If you really want to get your purple belt as fast as possible, attending as many BJJ lessons as you can is the first step towards that.

Of course, you can skip a BJJ lesson, if you have a valid reason. Just keep in mind that only training will get you closer to your goal.

In short, to get your purple belt faster, do not miss any lessons!

2. Train with an open mind

The second thing after attending all the BJJ lessons is to give 100% in every lesson (or at least 90%).

Going to BJJ class and not doing it full speed is not going to move the needle a lot toward your goals. If you managed to get yourself to train, give it all you got.

Acknowledge that you might not yet know everything, even though you are already a blue belt.

If you think you know everything already, it becomes really difficult to learn new things and further improve your techniques.

3. Be a good training partner

The next thing is to be a good training partner. Be a good guy who people want to train with.

Even though this doesn’t directly translate into your BJJ skills, it will be a lot easier for your instructor to eventually give you the purple belt, when you are easy to like.

Having a bad reputation at the gym can seriously hurt the progress you get while practicing if people don’t like sparring and training with you.

That will make training BJJ more pleasant for everybody, and the instructors will notice if someone behaves poorly with others and that might slow your belt progress down.

On the flip side, being a good guy and taking things seriously, the instructors might see that as a positive sign and that could speed up your belt progress.

4. Get a purple belt faster: Compete in BJJ tournaments

Now that we have gone through the basic things you can do, to get your purple belt in time, let’s go through the ways to accelerate that timeline.

Competitions are a great place to test out your skill with real opponents, that also know a thing or two about BJJ. You will also gain priceless experience from them since competitions are places to really put your skills to a test.

You can also get valuable feedback from your instructor if they are watching your matches. They can see what your strengths and weaknesses are, and that way you can focus on improving the right things.

On top of that, you show how committed you are when attending competitions, and that might show the instructors that you are giving your everything. That shows you are serious and that might help you to get your purple belt faster.

5. Get a purple belt faster: Watch online tutorials or courses

Another thing to get your BJJ purple belt faster is to watch tutorials on YouTube or take online courses that teach different techniques.

You can really get a lot out of these since you already have a good basic understanding of BJJ (assuming you are a blue belt already)

Tutorials from other great BJJ instructors, other than the ones you have at your gym, can add a different perspective to your training and certain techniques.

That can help you to perform those techniques in class and competitions.

How difficult is it to get a purple belt in BJJ?

It is estimated that 10% of people who start as white belts train BJJ until they reach the blue belt. Of that remaining 10%, maybe a third of them will make it to the purple belt.

That means roughly 3% of people who start BJJ will make it to the purple belt or higher.

This is just a rough estimate and results may vary depending on the gym and the instructors and so many different factors.

However, even if it was slightly higher than 3%, which I highly doubt, it would still be extremely rare. Getting a purple belt is an extremely difficult and time-consuming task and takes years of dedication.

How fast can you get a purple belt in BJJ?

If you have previous experience in other martial arts such as Judo, or you just happen to learn extremely fast, it is possible to get a purple belt in just 2 years.

There are a lot of factors in play, and 2 years is a really short time to achieve a purple belt. You would have to train almost every day and learn everything at first glance.

It is very unlikely that someone gets their purple belt in 2 years or less, but it is possible.

How long does it take to get a purple belt in BJJ?

On average, it takes around 4 to 6 years to get a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The time it takes depends on the gym, the instructors, your physical condition, your ability to learn, and a lot more factors.

If you want to speed up the timeline to get your purple belt, try applying some of the things mentioned earlier in this post, if you’re not already doing them.

Final thoughts

In short, there are 5 things you can do, to get your purple belt as fast as possible. Those are:

  • Don’t miss classes
  • Train with an open mind
  • Be a good training partner
  • Attend competitions
  • Watch tutorial videos or take additional courses

Alongside everything you can do, the gym you train in also matters, as do your training partners and instructors.

Your physical condition and ability to learn new things also play a big role. Purple belt is not just given to everybody if they have trained long enough like some blue belts are. The purple belt must be earned.

I hope this was helpful, have a wonderful day, and good luck with your journey toward the purple belt!

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