How to Get Blue Belt Faster?

How to Get a Blue Belt Faster in BJJ? (5 Tips)

How to get a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu faster?

There is no magic pill that can help you instantly get your blue belt. However, there are some things and mindsets you can do and use, to increase the speed you will learn and get your blue belt faster that way.

Some of these are just no-brainer tips, whereas others can actually help you to get that sweet blue belt as fast as possible.

First, we go through ways you can do to get your blue belt in time, after those, we go through additional things you can do to speed up that timeline.

Let’s get started!

1. Do not miss any lessons

The first key to getting your blue belt on time, and that way getting it as fast as possible, is to attend as many BJJ lessons as possible.

It comes without saying, if you want to learn more, you have to practice more. Of course, too much is always too much, so try to find a balance. That might be every other day for example.

The training schedule might also depend a lot on the gym you attend to.

Only skip the BJJ lesson if you have a really good reason to do so. That might be an illness or a family matter that can not be missed.

Therefore, to get your blue belt as fast as possible, do not miss any BJJ classes!

2. Be open-minded and always do your best

The second thing after attending all the BJJ lessons is to give your best at every lesson.

It is no good to attend BJJ class if you are only doing it half-speed. Always give your best while practicing.

If you don’t know something, ask. If you are afraid to try a new technique out, relax. You are there to learn, it is better to learn in the class while you’re at it.

3. Be a good guy at the gym

It is not all about learning, but also about allowing other people to learn.

Be a good training partner. Let others know in a constructive manner, how they could do their techniques better.

Also, if you are sparring with someone who is better at BJJ than you, take their tips with an open mind. They are not telling you things you might improve to make you feel bad, they are trying to help you.

If someone makes a mistake or asks a stupid question, the last thing you want to do is laugh.

You don’t want to be the guy, who nobody wants to train with because you are rude. Be polite and allow others to learn at their own speed.

That will make training BJJ more pleasant for everybody, and the instructors will notice if someone behaves poorly with others and that might slow your belt progress down.

On the other hand, being a good guy and taking things seriously, the instructors might see that as a positive sign and that could accelerate your belt progress.

4. Get a blue belt faster: Compete in BJJ tournaments

Now that we have gone through the basic things you can do, to get your blue belt in time, let’s go through the ways to speed up that timeline.

Competitions are a great place to test out your skills. You will also gain priceless experience from them since competitions are places to really give your everything.

On top of that, you show how committed you are when attending competitions, and that might show the instructors that you are giving your everything. That shows you are serious and that might help you to get your blue belt faster.

5. Get a blue belt faster: Watch online tutorials or take courses

Another thing to get your BJJ blue belt faster is to watch tutorials on YouTube or take online courses that teach different techniques.

These things are a lot more valuable if you already have a basic understanding of BJJ.

When you learn a new technique in a class, you could look for supplementing tutorials on YouTube, to help you remember the technique and even how to improve it.

On the other hand, if you already have some kind of idea of how a certain technique is performed from videos, it can be easier to do them, when they are taught in class.

How hard is it to get a blue belt in BJJ?

Blue belt is not an easy accomplishment, even though some people manage to get it even under a year. It is estimated, that only 10% of all the people who start BJJ will reach the blue belt.

Even if technically it was not that difficult to get a blue belt in BJJ, the majority of people do not have the willpower to continue training, until they reach the blue belt.

That might be due to personal reasons or something else as well, but if only 10% reach the blue belt, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication which 90% of people don’t have.

How fast can you get a blue belt in BJJ?

People with previous martial arts experience from Judo or wrestling have gotten blue belts in BJJ in less than 6 months.

However, for someone with no previous martial arts experience, if you get your blue belt in under one year, you can consider that fast.

It also depends on how often you train, your physical condition, and whether you compete and take additional BJJ courses that can speed up that timeline.

Can you get a blue belt in 1 year?

It is completely possible to get a blue belt in just one year. If you have previous martial arts experience, that might help. You also should train BJJ at least 3 times a week and be in good physical condition to learn as fast as possible.

You can also use the other tips in this post to further shorter the timeline to reach your blue belt.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there are 5 ways you can speed up your blue belt timeline:

  • Don’t miss classes
  • Train with an open mind
  • Be a good training partner
  • Attend competitions
  • Watch tutorial videos or take online courses

With all those things combined, you are well on track toward your blue belt.

It is also important to remember that there are other factors in place as well. How good your instructors are, your physical condition and your background in martial arts also play a huge role.

Here are some traits of a great BJJ instructor.

I hope this was helpful, have a nice day.

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