How Important is Boxing For MMA? (Explained)

How important is boxing for MMA? Boxing or any other striking martial art is necessary for MMA and UFC. Boxing is a very effective and striking focused sport making it a good option.

Without any striking knowledge, you wouldn’t get too far in your MMA career. There are situations where grappling and ground fighting comes in handy, such as BJJ, but striking is also in a big role in MMA.

Is boxing good for MMA?

Boxing is a great option for striking sport for MMA. It purely focuses on your punches and footwork, making it very effective for standing situations in the ring.

In MMA, you could focus more on ground fighting or striking. If you want to focus more on standup fighting, then boxing can highly improve that aspect of your fighting.

However, on top of that are kicks. Therefore, adding kicks to your training in your MMA gym or getting kickboxing on top of regular boxing could be a good combo.

Topping it off with Brazilian jiu-jitsu or wrestling makes a good package to go by. More about how important BJJ is for MMA in this post.

Should you train MMA or Boxing?

Whether you should train MMA or boxing is up to you. Both sports offer good relief from stress, however, there are some aspects one is better than another.

MMA for example focuses more broadly on fighting. This makes it more efficient for self-defense situations if you ever ended up in one.

Boxing on the other hand focuses only on the boxing aspect of it. Therefore, you can adjust your skills in that specific field more accurately, when you don’t have other aspects of fighting to focus on.

One aspect that might help you to decide is the price of each of the sports. Check the prices of the gyms and equipment needed. Also, the distance from your home to the nearest boxing or MMA gym can be a factor.

Both, boxing and MMA offer options to compete in different tournaments. So in the end, it is purely up to your personal preferences.

Start with boxing or MMA?

If your goal is to become an MMA fighter, you might be thinking that training boxing first might help with that.

Again, it depends. You could go straight to MMA but if you want to have some knowledge about different aspects of fighting first, testing boxing and BJJ for example beforehand could help you when you enter the MMA field.

boxing for mma
How much boxing is required for MMA?

Do UFC fighters train boxing?

Some UFC fighters do have a background in boxing, some don’t. You could go with just MMA gym training with your striking game.

On top of that, there are a lot of other striking martial arts that MMA fighters could train instead. Boxing is just one option.

Final thoughts

In MMA, there are several aspects of fighting. Ground fighting, strikes, and kicks. You could train individual martial art for each of these, or you can focus on all the aspects of your MMA gym.

If you want to train boxing on top of MMA to improve your strikes, that is an option as well. Whatever you see fit to your fighting style.

BJJ for example is a good option for the ground fighting aspect of MMA. I have a lot of posts about BJJ, you can read them here.

Another thing that MMA and Boxing share is the glove touch before a fight.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day.

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