How Difficult it is to Learn Boxing

How Difficult it is to Learn Boxing? (At Different Levels)

Boxing is a really popular sport, and it has been for centuries. But how hard that ancient martial art is to learn for different purposes?

Boxing can be fairly easy to first pick up, but it is also extremely difficult to master. Boxing is not just throwing punches. It’s everything starting from footwork, positioning, dodging, and throwing those great punches.

In the end, it depends on your goals in boxing whether it will be difficult or slightly easier to learn.

Let’s get started on how long it takes to learn boxing for different purposes, shall we?

How difficult is it to learn boxing?

Boxing is another of those sports, that is fairly easy in theory. You just keep punching and avoid getting punched.

It is pretty easy to learn the basics, and those can be learned in just a few months of regular training. You can even learn the basics of boxing by yourself since there is a lot of boxing equipment you can use to your advantage.

However, when it comes to competing can mastering the art of boxing, it becomes more difficult. There are so many small factors that can affect the outcome of a boxing match.

Most of the learning happens in the early stages when you have just started. After you learn the basics, you just mainly focus on perfecting your form and techniques.

An image to represent the learning curve of boxing is below.

time and progress when learning boxing

Because the majority of new things come at the early stages of boxing training, it might feel more difficult at first.

However, after you get used to the boxing training, which can be really hard and exhausting, it gets “easier” as you get used to it. After a month of training, it becomes a habit, and you no longer need to motivate yourself so hard, even if it before was harder to get up to the gym.

Shadowboxing is another way you can safely start to train boxing by yourself. Shadowboxing does not require any equipment, and just by doing it for a week or two, it can make initially joining a boxing gym a lot easier.

More about the benefits of shadowboxing in this post.

How hard it is to start boxing?

The basics of boxing are fairly easy to learn. Boxing in its most basic form is just to punch and avoid getting punched.

There are not as many things to learn, compared to more comprehensive martial arts such as Muay Thai or MMA, which focus on different aspects of fighting as well.

That means that the basics of boxing can be learned faster, since there, in theory not as many different things to learn.

However, the difficult part comes when perfecting those skills. Someone who has been training for a decade has spent a lot of time perfecting all the things that come to boxing.

You can learn the basics of boxing easily in just a few months. Everything on top of that is just perfecting your techniques, there are not so many different punches and tricks to learn, that just to learn the basics would take a decade to learn.

How long does it take to learn boxing for self-defense?

The amount of time it takes to learn boxing for self-defense depends on your goals and how well prepared you to want to be.

The basics of boxing are usually enough, for you to be better able to defend yourself if you end in an unfortunate situation where that is necessary. Therefore, training boxing just for a few months to learn the ropes can be enough for self-defense.

At maximum, training boxing for a year should be enough to have the skills to defend yourself in a situation, where it’s possible to do it with just boxing experience. More about how good boxing is for self-defense in this post.

In reality, self-defense and street fights are combinations of different fighting styles with no rules. That means your opponent could be armed, or use “illegal” techniques such as targeting your eyes.

Therefore, boxing is not the best and most perfect martial art for self-defense, since it only focuses on one aspect of fighting. I have listed the best martial arts for self-defense, you can find them here.

I am not saying you should not train boxing for self-defense. You will be much better off with just boxing experience, than with no martial arts experience at all when it comes to self-defense. On top of that, just a few months of training can give you a huge head start, when it comes to defending yourself.

How hard is it to become a professional boxer?

Becoming a professional boxer is extremely difficult, due to the high level of competition.

However, it is possible, but it takes a lot of time and effort to become as good so you can call yourself a professional. On average, it takes around 10 years of regular training to become so good that you can compete in higher-level tournaments.

When you are aiming to become a professional boxer, there is much more to it than just regular boxing training.

First of all, cardio is a really important aspect of boxing. The longer you can keep punching without getting exhausted, the better your chances of winning are.

On top of that, you need to have enough strength to throw punches that can have an impact. Therefore, adding weight lifting to your workout plan can also be in place, as you have learned the basics of boxing. More about how to balance boxing, weight lifting, and cardio in this post.

Is boxing more difficult than MMA?

When it comes to comparing two martial arts, it’s important to note that both of them are good for different purposes.

Learning the basics of boxing will be faster than learning the basics of MMA since boxing only focuses on striking and stand-up fighting. On the other hand, mastering boxing can be more difficult, since your opponents could have trained for decades perfecting their punches and other skills that make them great boxers.

Therefore, mastering and competing in MMA can be somewhat easier, since you can mainly focus on one aspect of fighting, and exploit that in your fights.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, learning the basics of boxing is not as difficult, compared to some other martial arts. However, when it comes to mastering and competing in boxing, that is more difficult.

The basics of boxing are pretty much just throwing punches in a proper form, and avoid to get punched.

When learning boxing at a deeper level, it is much more than that. Mastering boxing there are a lot more aspects to focus on. Such as footwork, positioning, head movement, dodging, and punching with different techniques.

In short, boxing is fairly easy to learn but really difficult to master.

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