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Why Cardio Is So Important for Boxers? (Explained)

Many of you might have noticed, that boxers do an enormous amount of cardio. They don’t do it for fun, (well, some of them might). There is a reason behind all that.

In boxing, the longer you can last in a ring, pretty much comes down to your endurance. The better your physical condition is, the longer you can keep punching with power.

In an even matchup, the one who can save their strength and last longest will probably be the one who wins the fight.

If you are out of breath after the first round, and your opponent can go for 5 without getting exhausted, the odds are not on your side. That is why cardio is so important for boxing.

Different ways to do cardio for boxing

Boxers do a lot of cardio, at least the successful ones. They have to maintain good endurance to last long in the ring and increase their chances of winning the fight.

As a boxer, there are a lot of ways to do cardio. Jumping ropes is something we have all seen in the movies. They do that in real life as well.

Jogging is another good way to do cardio, for everybody. Another, more boxing-related cardio is to just punch a bag with little strength for a long time. This can also help their punching technique overall.

Then we have the shadowboxing. Shadowboxing is a great way to get started with boxing with no equipment at all. I have a post about the benefits of shadowboxing, you can read it here.

Do boxers do cardio every day?

How often boxers do cardio depends on their goals in boxing. If they are professionals, they might do cardio every day, or even multiple times a day.

For professional boxers, boxing might be their source of income as well. Meaning, that they don’t really have a day job to attend. Therefore, they can dedicate more time to training and focusing on getting better at boxing itself.

Cardio is one of the ways to improve your overall physical performance in the boxing ring. It’s also somewhat easier than professional boxing training. You can really just put on your shoes and go for a jog.

As a beginner, keep in mind that doing cardio every day is not necessary for boxing. Even once a week is way better than zero times a week. Remember that. You don’t have to go all in the second you start. Start slowly.

Why do boxers jump ropes?

Jumping ropes is a good cardio workout for boxers for several reasons.

Jumping ropes will improve the footwork. We all know jumping comes from our feet and jumping fast and being mindful of the rope, can greatly improve the footwork for boxing.

Even though mostly we see boxers throwing punches at each other, footwork is also a really important aspect of boxing. Jumping ropes will improve that aspect as well.

Jumping ropes can also act as a great cardio workout. If you have ever tried jumping ropes, you know that it will get your heart rate up. Doing that for longer times can really act as a fun way to do cardio.

The third reason why boxers jump ropes is that it overall increases your speed. You use your hands and feet, for fast movements. That will over time build up to make you faster in your movements. For boxing, it’s essential to be fast.

How to avoid fatigue as a boxer in a fight

For people who have been in a martial arts match, you might know that fatigue is your greatest enemy. Getting exhausted in the middle of the fight makes you an easy target for your opponent to finish off.

That is why cardio is so important. It will increase your endurance and you will last longer in a fight.

When you have good endurance, you don’t have to try to save your strength as much either. If you see an opening, you can throw a punch, without thinking about saving your energy.

Having good endurance is just as important as good boxing techniques. You will not get far with perfect technique if you get exhausted during the first minute of a fight.

Final thoughts

There is not much to say on why boxers do so much cardio, other than it’s so important to not get exhausted. The longer you can last without fatigue, the higher your chances of winning are.

If you wish to become a boxer, you need to realize how important cardio is for that sport. It’s also really important for other martial arts as well. No matter what martial art you are training, I bet lasting longer in a fight without exhaustion would greatly benefit you.

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Hopefully, this was helpful and answered your question. Have a wonderful day!

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