Can You Grab Fingers in BJJ?

Can You Grab Fingers in BJJ? (This is why not)

Have you ever been in a situation requiring you to grab an individual finger of your opponent while sparring and wondered, can you grab fingers in BJJ?

Grabbing individual fingers in BJJ is against the rules and can be really dangerous. One sudden move when you grab their finger, and the finger could break. Fingers have fragile bones within them and it doesn’t take a lot of force to break one.

In this post, we will briefly go through why you should never grab an individual finger while sparring in BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu).

Why you should not grab fingers in BJJ?

Grabbing an individual finger while sparring in BJJ highly increases the risk of breaking that finger. All it takes is one sudden move from you or your sparring partner and that finger might break.

Broken fingers are one of the most common injuries that occur in BJJ based on my experience. From time to time, someone might come in with their fingers tied up to another.

Additionally, you should never use just one finger to hold onto something. Do not stick just one finger under your opponent’s belt or try to grab their sleeves using just one finger. Always use the whole hand to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Can you grab fingers in no-gi BJJ?

The same rules apply to no-gi BJJ. Do not grab just one finger at a time. If you have to, always grab the whole hand at a time.

Even though there are fewer places to stick your fingers in no-gi BJJ, since there are no belts, collars, or sleeves, try to use your whole hand when you grab onto your opponent.

It really doesn’t take a lot of force to make a finger useless for several weeks. If your opponent grabs one of your fingers, tap out immediately and tell them that’s not cool. It puts your well-being at risk.

Can you peel off fingers one by one in BJJ?

When it comes to peeling fingers off one by one, it is not recommended and it is on the borderline of being against the rules.

Peeling off fingers means if they are holding on to you and you start pulling their fingers off you, one by one.

If you have to peel off fingers, take them all off together, not one by one.

By peeling fingers off one by one, there is a risk of breaking a finger due to sudden movement that might occur.

Always grab the whole hand instead of just one individual finger.

Can you bend your opponent’s fingers in BJJ?

Bending your opponent’s fingers backward is against the rules of BJJ. On top of that, you might break your opponent’s fingers really easily.

It doesn’t require a lot of force for a finger to break. Therefore, do not twist, pull or bend your opponent’s individual fingers while sparring.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, do not grab one of your opponent’s fingers at a time, and do not use just one finger to grab or hold onto your opponent.

The fingers are fragile. It doesn’t take a lot of force in the wrong direction and they might break. For your own safety, if your opponent grabs one of your fingers, tap out and tell them that it’s not the right way to do it.

All this should be taught in the basics course of the BJJ, as you first start practicing. A good foundation for training BJJ is knowing how to practice it in the safest way possible.

After all, BJJ is a combat sport and it comes with risks. Here is a full post going through how dangerous BJJ really is.

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