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Is Boxing Strength Training or Cardio? (Explained)

Is boxing more strength or cardio-focused sport? The short answer is that it depends on your training style. It will definitely work as a cardio workout, but how much strength you will gain will depend on how you train boxing.

While both, strength and cardio are essential parts of boxing, there is the third pillar as well: technique. In boxing, you will have to focus on these three aspects and improve your weakest part.

Three pillars of boxing

How to focus more on strength while training boxing?

If you want to improve your strength in boxing, a heavy bag is your friend. A heavy bag provides the resistance required to build up strength for your punches.

Additional ways to improve your punching strength are throwing a medicine ball against a wall or simply doing shadowboxing. Shadowboxing has a lot of benefits, even if it does not provide any resistance, it will over time improve your punching power.

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A third and very simple way is to do shadowboxing with small weights on your hands. By small, I really mean that, small. Even a two-pound weight in each hand can make shadowboxing a lot more difficult, and build more strength in the muscles responsible for your punching power.

Simple adjustments to your feet and how you position yourself can have a huge impact on your punching power as well. This leans more towards the technical side of boxing, but it is essential if you want to increase your punching power.

Why is strength an important aspect of boxing?

No matter how good your technique and how long you can keep punching, if there is no power in your punches, you are not getting anywhere.

That is why strength is so important in boxing as well. Even though, it is important to keep in mind that you can build power to your punches with technique as well. Up to a point. No technique can remove the need for strength in boxing.

How to focus more on cardio training in boxing?

More cardio-focused boxing training could be shadowboxing, sparring, speed bag, or heavy bag with less powerful punches. It’s really this simple: all you have to do is train boxing somehow, and your heart rate should get up.

We talked about shadowboxing before, so let’s look deeper into speed bag. The speed bag will not only work as a cardio workout, but it will develop your technique as well. The movement of your punches will start to feel more natural and you will build up speed for your punches.

Other ways to train cardio can also help you improve your boxing game in general. Remember the three pillars of boxing? Jumping ropes or going for a jog are great ways to improve the endurance aspect of your boxing.

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What else is boxing good for?

Boxing is good for a lot of things on top of being a great and fun way to do cardio and build strength. Here are some things that boxing is great for.

Self-defense. Boxing can be used for self-defense. Even though I always say try to avoid fights as much as possible, boxing can really help you out in a few ways.

If you know how to defend yourself, you will appeal more confidently overall. Therefore, you are less likely to be picked out of a random group of people when someone is feeling like they need to fight someone.

Second, if you happen to encounter a situation where you need to defend yourself, a boxing background is a lot better than having no martial art background at all.

Weight loss. Boxing is a physically very draining sport. Therefore, it can increase your energy spending and help you to lose weight, or stay in shape.

Meeting new people. Boxing is a social sport if you are not training boxing alone. You will meet new, probably like-minded people who also like boxing.

Final thoughts

So in conclusion, boxing focuses on both; strength and endurance training (cardio). It also depends on how you train it and what are your goals.

On top of that, there is the third aspect, technique. With proper technique, you can get more powerful punches with less energy consumption and therefore last longer.

If you are interested in boxing, you might also be wondering what are the costs of boxing. Fortunately, I have listed all the expenses, if you wish to start boxing! You can compare the expenses of boxing here.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a nice day!

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