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Is Boxing Good for Self Defense In Street Fights? (Solved)

Is boxing an effective way to defend yourself, if you end up in a street fight? In short, yes. Boxing is a very effective martial art to defend yourself.

Boxing allows you to keep the distance between yourself and your opponent. It also teaches you to dodge and avoid getting punched as easily, as someone with no boxing or martial arts experience would.

In this post, we will dive deeper into the topic of why boxing is one good option for defending yourself if you end up in an unfortunate street fight. Let’s get started!

Why is boxing good for self-defense?

There are a few reasons why boxing experience might help in self-defense or street fight situations.

1. Boxing can give you confidence

First and in my opinion, the best way to avoid conflicts is to be more confident. When you know how to defend yourself, you seem more confident in tough situations.

When you don’t seem like an easy target for someone, who is just looking for a fight, they might leave you alone. That alone is a good reason to start boxing or any other martial art.

Knowing you can handle yourself, if things go sideways, can go a long way. This way, you can talk yourself out of the situation more confidently.

Chances are, your opponent doesn’t have any experience in martial arts. I would say most of the time, people who have a martial arts background, are not looking to fight outside the ring or mat. Just my thoughts.

The people who want to fight outside, or “street fight”, are the ones who have something to prove. Therefore, if you seem like you know you can handle yourself, they are not likely to pick you from a random group of people.

2. Boxing experience teaches you to avoid getting punched

If talking doesn’t help, boxing gives you higher chances of not getting punched and knocked out. The biggest damage happens if you get punched in the head and hit your head on the ground.

With experience in boxing, you know how to block punches or dodge them. This will lower the chances of you getting a serious injury to the head.

3. Boxing allows you to keep your distance between yourself and your opponent

With good footwork, you can dodge and keep the distance between your opponent easier. Compared to Brazilian jiu-jitsu for example, which requires you to get very close to your opponent, boxing allows you to keep your distance easier.

This way, if they happen to have a knife or something else, you can avoid that easier. Keeping your distance makes talking yourself out of the situation easier, than being in close combat or in the ground with them.

Problems that come with just boxing experience

With boxing, there come some issues when it comes to self-defense situations.

In boxing, the main way to beat your opponent is by knocking them out. You can hurt someone really bad if they hit their head.

Therefore, something like Brazilian jiu-jitsu could be better to end a street fight, without injuring your opponent really badly. You could just simply make them tap out or keep them locked until you get some backup.

Another issue that comes with boxing, is that if the fight ends in the ground, boxing loses some of its effectiveness. The best way to be able to defend yourself is to have knowledge of different parts of fighting. Combining boxing and BJJ for example could be a way to go. Or simply start MMA.

Don’t get me wrong, boxing is way better than having no martial art experience at all. I am just saying that boxing alone is not perfect for self-defense situations.

Best way to handle a street fight situation

After all, the overall best way to handle street fight situations is to avoid them. There are really no winners in a street fight. Even if you “won”, you would risk injuring your opponent for life and paying for their treatment.

You could get into legal trouble, or end up with ripped clothes, even if you “won”. The downsides are always greater than the positives when it comes to street fighting.

Therefore, always try to talk yourself out of the situation if possible. If that is not an option, running may be the second-best option. Perhaps you wouldn’t look brave if you run, but at least you stay alive without physical damage.

Your opponent(s) might be carrying a weapon. Knife or worse, that they will deploy when they are losing. Talking or running out of the situation, you avoid the risk of getting knifed.

Another scenario that might happen, is if you manage to take down your opponent, they might have a backup. Even if you “won” you might get seriously injured. Taking multiple opponents at once is very difficult, even for more experienced martial artists.

One versus ten situations only ends happily in movies. In reality, everything above a fair one versus one, the odds are not in your favor. If you ask me, avoid street fights at all costs. The purpose of this article is to further inform you how you can use boxing, if absolutely necessary.

Boxing vs MMA in a street fight

Now, let’s talk about boxing and MMA in street fights or self-defense environments. So, as you might know, MMA could include boxing or other striking martial arts.

MMA also focuses on ground fighting and all the other aspects of fighting. Therefore, MMA could be a better option for self-defense, since it prepares you for different kinds of situations.

Compared to boxing, which focuses only on striking and keeping the distance. With an MMA background, you can handle yourself in most situations, depending on your skills.

Final thoughts

So, after all, that being said, we can say that boxing is better than no martial art experience at all. Not only the skills but also the confidence it gives you. Being confident can help you avoid most of the situations, that might end up getting physical.

Is boxing the best martial art for self-defense? I don’t think it is. It only covers stand-up fighting, ignoring the ground fighting aspect, where street fights could end up in. Therefore, I would say MMA is overall the best martial art for self-defense because it covers all the aspects of fighting.

At the end of the day, the best option is to avoid street fights at all costs. There are no winners in street fight situations. You could get hurt, or you could hurt your opponent really badly.

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Hopefully, this was helpful, have a nice day.

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