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Can You Train Boxing Every Day? (Explained)

Can you train boxing every day? Yes, you can train boxing every day. However, it is important to keep some of the training sessions lighter than others, so your body will get enough rest between the more intensive training sessions.

Should you train boxing every day?

Training every day might be an option for professional boxers. However, for regular people who have day jobs or school to attend, training every day might be too much.

It is essential to give your body enough rest between each training session, and each day in general.

If you feel like you get enough rest while training every day, go ahead if you enjoy it. As long as you feel good, there should not be anyone on the internet (like me) telling you that you can’t train every day.

How many hours should you train boxing per day?

The amount of hours you should train boxing per day depends on several things. First of all, how often do you train? In this case, we are talking about training every day.

If you train every day, keeping some training sessions shorter and lighter might be essential, to being able to continue training every single day.

It also depends on what you count as boxing training. If we include all the cardio and strength training as well, this could be a total of 2 to 3 hours of training per day, on the harder days.

On lighter days, an hour or two could be enough. Depending on what you are doing, the time you can actually effectively train varies.

The amount of hours you should put in boxing weekly also varies on your current level and your goals. If you are just a casual hobbyist, training an hour or two every week might be enough to get your mind off work or school.

On the other hand, if you wish to become a professional boxer, usually the more you train the more you can focus in the small details of the sport. This equals faster progress.

Different ways of training boxing

There are different ways you can train boxing. If you wish to train every single day, do not do the same workout every day. One day might be for sparring and a heavy bag, whereas on another day you could take things lighter with a speed bag and shadow boxing.

Strength training and cardio can also improve your boxing game. It is no joke, that the more strength you have, the harder you can punch. Also, the more stamina you got, the longer you can keep punching.

Boxing comes down to skill as well as physical performance. With these ways, you can improve all those aspects. You can even train every day if you want to.


Sparring with others is probably one of the most realistic ways you can prepare yourself for an actual boxing match. That is the place to test your skills and put the techniques you have learned to actual use.

Getting familiar with sparring is a good way to introduce yourself to boxing right from the beginning. Sparring will also show you, what are your weaknesses in both, the offensive and defensive aspects of boxing.

Heavy bag

With a heavy bag or just a normal punching bag, you can train your punches to be harder. The bag should give enough resistance for your punches in order to develop your punching power.

Punching a heavy bag will also improve your punches overall. Not just that it will build strength, but over time, you will get more used to different punches. In short, boxing and punching will come more naturally when you train with a heavy bag.

Speed bag

Training boxing with a speed bag is a great way to increase your punching speed and accuracy. Not only that, but it will also develop your coordination.

The speed bag is a great way to train boxing a little bit lighter, compared to a heavy bag and sparring. It can and will also get your heart rate up, so it can be used as cardio training as well.


Shadowboxing is another lighter exercise you can do to improve your boxing and overall physical health. Shadowboxing in short is just punching with air. Not hitting anything but building focus and not aimlessly throwing punches.

Shadowboxing can improve your techniques as well as help muscle memory to perform the punches cleaner and more naturally when in action.

Shadowboxing will get your hands and muscles used for the punching movement. This is probably one of the best beginner movements to start out boxing.

More about the benefits of shadowboxing and doing it every day in this post.

Strength training

Strength is an essential part of boxing. Your punches are a combination of technique and strength. With proper technique, you will put that power into use.

However, if you don’t have enough strength, it will be much more difficult to throw powerful punches.

Therefore, a balance between technique and strength training is the way to most effective boxing performance.


Cardio and overall physical condition matter when you enter the boxing ring. Whether you can last 5 or 15 minutes while actively throwing punches can be a matter of win or lose.

With a great physical condition, you will be able to continue longer without getting exhausted. Cardio is therefore a great way to improve your overall boxing performance.

Simply going for a jog or treadmill is a great way to improve your condition. Another thing boxers do is jump ropes. That is another way to get your heart rate up.

Final thoughts

Training boxing every day might sound like a lot. However, you can train every day to improve your boxing abilities, without actually doing anything related to boxing.

Simply going for a jog daily can greatly improve your boxing performance. Hitting a regular gym to lift weights is another way to train for boxing, without actually training boxing.

Training boxing every day can be exhausting, so make sure you get enough rest between training sessions. If you do, then go ahead. You can always do something small every day to improve your boxing abilities.

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