BJJ Gi Washing Guide

BJJ Gi Washing Guide (All Questions Answered)

For someone who is new to BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu), washing gi can also be a new thing. In this post, we will go through different things you should know about washing your gi.

Let’s dive into the questions, the first one being, how often should you wash your gi?

How often should BJJ Gi be washed?

As a general rule, it is good to wash your gi after every BJJ class. This is to keep the training environment pleasant and clean for everybody. It is true that your gi won’t be clean after you have used it in the class.

In BJJ, you will be rolling on the floor where people walk, sweat, and bleed on. You will also sweat during practicing, so your gi will probably be far from clean.

That is why it’s important to wash your gi after every class. It will be more pleasant for you, as well as for your fellow practitioners when everybody takes care of their hygiene.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to dry the gi for the next class, you can buy a second gi to solve that problem.

Should you wash your BJJ Gi by itself?

You should wash your gi by itself for the first few times at least. Especially if your gi is black or blue, you definitely don’t want to wash it with white T-shirts.

This is because laundry could get stained from the color coming out of a fresh gi. I once had a white hoodie turn out to be a blue hoodie when I didn’t realize my jeans were new that were washed at the same time.

The same applies to BJJ gis. Even more so, they are thick fabric and have a lot of color in them. If one pair of jeans can do that to a hoodie, I can only imagine what a full BJJ gi could do for white laundry.

Therefore, wash your gi by itself, at least for the first few times to avoid coloring your other clothes.

Here is a guide for choosing your gi’s color, since there are a lot of options, this could help.

How should you wash your BJJ Gi?

When it comes to washing your BJJ gi, it depends a lot on the gi. Material can make a big difference in the temperature and what detergent to use.

Follow the instructions on the gi labels, or from the manufacturer’s website. You could also find cleaning instructions at the store or their website, where you bought the gi.

Following official instructions is the safest option when it comes to the temperatures and detergents for washing your BJJ gi.

Does BJJ Gi shrink when washed?

The question of whether BJJ gis shrink after washing comes up also when deciding what size gi you should buy.

The gi will probably shrink, at least a little during the first few months of training and washing.

The amount it will shrink depends on a few things. First, the material and quality of the gi matter a lot, when it comes to shrinking.

Second, how you wash the gi also matters. The higher the temperature, the more it will likely shrink. Follow the guides of the manufacturer when it comes to washing temperatures.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you should wash your BJJ gi after every training session. Even if it feels pointless, since the gi is “barely dirty”, you don’t want to become “that guy” who wears a dirty gi for class.

Make it a habit to wash your gi after every class.

When it comes to cleaning your gi, follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

I also have some more tips for people who are just starting BJJ out.

Hopefully this was helpful, have a nice day!

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