Best Gi Colors for BJJ (1)

Best GI color for BJJ (Compared and Explained)

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), there are a lot of different colors of gis with different logos and such. In this post, we will go through, whether the gi color matters in BJJ and which one is the best color.

By best, I don’t mean personal opinions. Some might think blue looks cooler than white and so on. However, some gyms only allow a certain color of gi, therefore, going with white is the safest option.

When it comes to washing your gi, there are also some things to know. You can find answers to most of your questions about washing gi here.

Let’s dive deeper into the gi colors in BJJ, shall we?

Is white gi the best for BJJ?

White gi can be considered the best and safest option for BJJ. This is because some gyms have certain limitations on what color should your gi be. White is the most common, and some gyms only allow white gi.

That is why if you are going to be switching gyms, choosing a white gi is the safest bet. That will most likely be allowed in every gym.

Other most common gi colors are blue and black. However, as I said, some gyms only allow you to wear a certain color of gis such as white and maybe blue and black on top of that.

On top of that, most of the other martial arts also use white uniforms or gis. Therefore, you can train multiple martial arts with one gi, for example, judo.

All that being said, we can conclude that if you want to play it safe, start with a white gi. That should allow you to train in every BJJ gym you will encounter.

Problems with white BJJ gi

The white gi comes with some problems that could be avoided with blue or black for example.

In white gi, every stain and dirt will be easier to notice. Compared to black, if you happen to get a cut or bleed during your BJJ session, you can barely notice that in black gi. In white gi, however, that will be clearly visible.

It doesn’t matter all that much, since you should be washing your gi after every training session you use it on. This is for hygiene reasons.

Can you have blue gi for BJJ?

Blue gi is another very commonly used color for BJJ. However, some gyms only allow white gi. Blue and black are also very common, so the blue gi can be used in most gyms as well.

It’s always the safest option to ask your instructor if the gym allows different color gis.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are planning on changing your BJJ gym, what instructions do they have on your gi color?

If you are unsure, going with a white gi is the safest option.

Can you have black gi for BJJ?

Black gi is the third of the most common gi colors. I got a black gi as my first gi because I saw a lot of people had black gis in my gym and I thought it looked cool.

Same as with blue gi, black gi is not allowed in gyms that only allow white gi. If you know for sure that black gis is allowed in your gym, that can be one way to go.

The good thing with a black gi is that if you happen to get blood stains on your gi, they are not visible and might not require any extreme stain removers. Simply put them in the washer and nobody will notice if it has blood stains or not. As long as you give it a regular wash of course. Keep your hygiene on point when training BJJ!

What colored gi can you have for BJJ?

The gi colors accepted can vary between different gyms. In my BJJ gym, we have people wearing grey, and turquoise gis, on top of the regular white, blue and black. White and blue are definitely the most common ones in my BJJ gym.

Check from your gym rules or from your instructor, whether more “uncommon” gi colors are accepted.

At least they sell different colored gis online, such as red, green, and even yellow gis. If nobody was wearing and buying those, why would they keep selling them?

So in the end, it comes down to your gym rules, and what colors are accepted.

How to get rid of blood stains from your gi

BJJ can be a rough sport. Sometimes, you might get blood on your gi either from yourself or your opponent. In white gi, bloodstains are easy to notice.

It’s important to wash the bloodstains as soon as possible, to avoid them from drying up.

If they dry, don’t worry. There are still tricks and products that can save your precious gi.

Mixing Hydrogen peroxide with some water can be a lifesaver when it comes to removing any stains from your gi. On top of that, everyday stores have a lot of different products that can be used to remove stains from almost everything.

Final thoughts

So, the “best” gi color to go by is white, without a doubt. It is the most widely accepted color in BJJ gyms around the world.

However, if you plan on sticking to your current BJJ gym for a long time, and they do accept different colors as well, it’s really up to your personal preference on which one you will buy.

Gi colors don’t really matter that much. What matters more is how it fits you and how good the material is.

Here are some tips for your first year of BJJ.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, have a great day!

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