Should you Be in Shape to Start boxing?

Do You Have to Be in Shape to Start Boxing? (Explained)

Boxing is one of the most popular martial arts, but do you have to be in a good shape to get started with boxing?

You do not have to be in great shape to start boxing. The beginner classes are meant for people, who are new and can be adapted for even people who are not in shape. Boxing can be used as a way to get in better shape.

In this post, we go a bit deeper into the topic of whether you should be fit to start boxing.

Let’s get started!

Do you have to be in shape to start Boxing?

As I mentioned before, you really don’t have to be in great or even good shape to start boxing.

The beginner boxing classes are meant for people from different backgrounds with sports and martial arts.

They can be and probably already are adapted for people, who are out of shape and generally not “fit” to be boxers.

Everybody can start boxing. If you are really out of shape, it can slow down your progress, but it should not be able to stop you!

If you want to progress in your boxing hobby and start competing, weight should not be a problem there either.

You will be matched against people in your weight class.

Boxing can also be used as a great way to get into better shape and even build some muscle. Or at least stay in a bit better shape as you go on with your new hobby.

What are the physical requirements to start boxing?

There are really no physical requirements for beginner boxing classes, other than you should be able to walk by yourself and throw a punch.

Usually, people are at a better starting point than just that. As long as you are determined to learn and thrive to become better at boxing, your starting condition should not stop you.

It also depends on the gym you want to attend. In some gyms that are more competitive, it might be difficult to stay on track with other practitioners.

Compare different gyms, look for reviews, and take the free trial classes if they offer one. That can help you to decide the best boxing gym for you.

Should you lose weight before starting boxing?

If you are in really bad shape, it might help to start your weight loss journey before signing up for a boxing gym. After all, boxing can be physically really exhausting and if you get exhausted from just walking, it can be difficult to train in boxing effectively.

Alternatively, you can use boxing to get into better shape, but it really helps if you get some basic conditioning before starting boxing if you are really out of shape.

Can skinny people start boxing?

Being too skinny is rarely a problem when it comes to starting boxing. Boxing can be a great way for skinnier people to gain some muscle and weight, so being skinny is not a problem.

It is usually a lot easier to gain some weight than to lose it. Therefore, it’s better to be skinny and start boxing than to be obese.

On top of that, in competitions, you will be matched against lighter-weight opponents.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, being out of shape should not prevent you from starting boxing.

However, if you are in really bad shape and get out of breath really easily, you might not get a lot out of boxing classes.

Therefore, I would suggest getting some basic exercising done, before signing up for a boxing gym if you are in terrible shape.

Of course, by the end of the day, it is up to you when you sign up for a boxing gym. I’m just a random guy on the internet, don’t take my word for it.

On the other hand, boxing can be that small motivating factor that helps you to make better decisions on what you eat and how much you exercise and overall help you to get fit.

I hope this was helpful, have a wonderful day!

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