are mma gyms dojos?

Are MMA Gyms Called Dojos? (Explained)

Should you call your MMA gym Dojo or just a gym?

The difference between a gym and a dojo is that a dojo is more of a “sacred” place to practice martial arts. MMA is a very modern way of martial arts training, therefore, MMA gyms usually are not called dojos.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between a gym and a dojo.

Are MMA Gyms Called Gyms or Dojos?

MMA gyms are generally called just gyms. This is because dojos are more “sacred” places to practice martial arts. MMA, being really modern combination of different martial arts does not really have any old rituals to it.

Some of the older, especially Asian martial arts are practiced in dojos. Martial arts that are practiced in Dojos are for example:

  • Karate
  • Kendo
  • Aikido
  • Judo

Due to the differences in cultures, an MMA gym in Japan could be called a dojo. However, in the western world, the only places where you practice Japanese martial arts are typically called dojos.

Therefore, MMA gyms typically are not called dojos, they are just MMA gyms.

What is a Dojo?

Dojo by its traditional meaning is a place or a hall where you go to learn or meditate. Oftentimes, meditation is also seen as part of traditional martial arts training, even though it is less common nowadays.

Apparently, the term “dojo” originates from Buddhism. Dojos were temples that were formal training places for Japanese martial arts.

In Japan, any place for physical training, for example, professional wrestling could be called a dojo. In the western world, a dojo is mostly used for Japanese martial arts, such as the ones mentioned previously in this post.

What is an MMA gym?

MMA gym is a place, equipped exclusively to fill the needs of martial arts practitioners. MMA, which is short for Mixed Martial Arts includes all forms of fighting.

Therefore, an MMA gym should be equipped with equipment that can be used for grappling training, as well as for punches and kicks.

MMA gyms also do typically have areas dedicated to sparring and testing out new techniques. This can be done in the same mat where another training is done.

Here is a full post on how to create your own MMA gym.

Hygiene is a really important aspect of MMA gyms. This is because you will be rolling on the same floor you are walking in.

Your face could be rubbed against the floor while sparring. Therefore, it is really important to keep your personal hygiene top notch, if you are joining an MMA gym to practice.

Here are some additional tips when it comes to choosing the right MMA gym for your needs.

mma gym

Final thoughts

In conclusion, MMA gyms are not usually called dojos. The dojo is more of a sacred place for learning or meditating and is often spoken with Japanese martial arts, such as Karate.

However, an MMA gym could be referred to as a dojo, if it’s located in Japan. In Japan, it is more common to call any place where physical training is taking place a dojo.

This is a little bit tricky question, but I don’t think anybody will lose their mind if you happen to call your MMA gym a dojo.

I hope this clarifies the debate about whether MMA gyms are dojos or not, have a wonderful day!

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